I think Executioner Sword's first 2 light attacks swing level should be raised up or something

To make it more easier to hit the head. The level is should be raised up to around the crosshair, but not lower than that like it’s currently does.

Or make it around 30-50 dgree of diagonal swing that starts from over the shoulder. It would be also make it eaiser to hit the head than “Horizontal swings that placed at lower than crosshair”.

And maybe increase its damage, too. About 1 hit kill the clan rat with the body shot in the cataclysm.

What? Exe always was a weapon that relied on headshots. Thats part of its design. Great headshot damage, mediocre bodyshot damage.
And its light attacks are already pretty horizontal swings. Most other weapons dont headshot that easy. I really dont get it.
Outside of “buff exe sword” none of your suggestion make any sense for me.


Horizontal or whatever, the “height” of 1st and 2nd light attack’s swing is set at the lower than where the crosshair is. So, if you aiming the head, then you will hit the body instead. Well, it’s simply can solved by just aiming more higher, but why not let it more easier to hit the head? So it can be matched with 3rd light’s “height”.

Thats never gonna be accurate though. Vermintide defines hitzone not by the crosshair but by the actual weapon model. And based on your distance to the enemy your point of aim differs. The closer you are to an enemy the higher you need to aim to avoid hitting the body… Thats just how thigns work. And thats actually pretty realistic.


There’s not a single weapon in the entire game that cleaves and 1 shots clan rats on the body, why should a weapon with high headshot damage be able to do that? Clan rats have 36 hp and the weapon does like 11 base damage, so that’s a HUGE margin. The closest you can come is greatsword heavies which shouldn’t be compared to light attacks because they are slower and even that is off by 11 damage (base value, I know you can hit a breakpoint for this with properties and talents) but this suggestion just sounds ridiculous to me.

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I mean, that “swing area” or whatever it should called is at the lower than crosshair, which is character’s eye level. So, the swings height is at the lower than the neck, actually.

I see, but how about the height level of the 1st and 2nd light swings?

I never felt they were too low like elf spear stabs were.

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I just booted up the game to try and observe what you experience.
And I dont get it. The swing IS at the crosshair. Its just that if you stay to close to the target the weapon hits the body before it hits the head. The attack is not just present at the point of the crosshgair ( that would make any swing that hits multiple enemies pretty useless). Its present during the whole attack.


It already has arguably one of the best swing patterns and point accuracy in the entire game.
Not really sure how this could be improved.

For reference try something like elf spear to see when its actually bad.


Executioner sword is often said to be no-brainer weapon.
But properly hitting headshots with every attack, light and heavy is the part of the skill play.

You should allready notice how much are the heavy attacks offset from crosshair. It is intentional and right thing to do. You cannot have huge damage for no effort.

What is wrong with elf spear? Imagine the head as square (hitbox) and hit the left top corner from your perspective. With light, light, heavy cycle.

but why?

This was just example of an weapon that hits nowhere near the center dot nothing else.

I’d rather have the 3rd light not beeing an upward strike.

Closed on request

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