I need helps.. Server error BackEnd Error

Same problem here. bought recently via steam and not managed to be able to play it yet

This does not seem to be a Steam issue since the game connectivity is working. Google suggests that 1110 is a Fatshark server error…because it is not at all uncommon.

Shame that the server went down on a holiday.

Hi i got the same problem!
Here is my steam url if needet

I got the 1110 error too…

I got the same error 1110 :frowning:

I’m still getting backend error 1110

Hello there,

I am also receiving the error 1110 message!

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037325374/ is my id

console-2020-05-25-19.58.10-9d2c559e-c8f6-4c5c-bc75-5605797ab4dc.log (42.5 KB) there is the console log.


Same problem, just bought the game and backend error 1110.

My steam url if needed: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984326967/

Console logs: console-2020-05-25-20.16.22-d4211136-aa64-4343-a05c-d2ac842d85d6.log (43.4 KB)

not sure why this is happening now but im getting the same problem. Back end error 1110
was able to play the past 2 or 3 days with no issue at all but today i just cant seem to get into the game.

console-2020-05-25-21.24.00-72b978ac-ce96-46b8-ad2e-fd9f7ac8bb71.log (40.3 KB)

Takımca bizde hala aynı hatayı alıyoruz . Loby ekranında öncelikli olarak bir arkadaşımız düştü ve tekrar baglanamadı bizde sorunun Serverdan kaynaklı olup olmadıgını anlamak için relog atttık ve şu an bağlanamıyoruz… Bir an önce çözülmesi dileğiyle…

Me and my friend had the same issue. Some people seem to be able to login now though.

Same error on Steam.

  • Installed the game 3 days ago.
  • When I launched it the first time, I got this error (backend server error 1110).
  • Re-launched, game worked till today.
  • Since a few hours, no way to launch the game which crashes with this error and refuses to launch.

I’m having the same issue. any idea how to fix this?

Backend Error: 1110

Getting the same error
console log:
console-2020-05-25-20.01.20-30080ef8-6106-4050-a463-1d693d49afe5.log (39.1 KB)

Same here

I have same problem. I bought game today but cannot to play right now. “server error backend 1110” its saying.

my profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/VegaMorena/

I am also having this issue, is there a fix for this or information i should place here to get it fixed. I also just bought it today so I would like to play it lol

I’m getting this issue as well. Any Idea if there’s a quick fix? Thank you!

Looks like Steam went down last night, sorry for that. Should be solved now though!