I feel like v2 is lacking creative content aka crafting is vary limited /something to keep me coming back for more, also classes not living upto flavor and feel

from my play time it feels like there is a lack of trait combos in v2 compared to v1 one of the things that kept me coming back to v1 was all the trait combos on all the weapons and weapon changes that happened over time it kept me wanting to test all the traits i liked on each weapon to see if i could find a way to make the best weapon i can some time’s braking them making them obnoxious to the community but that’s the fun of it discovering there potential , with last stand in mind because unlike most player’s i enjoyed it and wanted to test the limits of every weapon , now all the orange weapons have only one trait and then some stat number that hardly seem like they matter not to mention power lvl don’t get me started on that and how bad that is for the game and how it makes skill obsolete…i hate it so much, my point is i wish for more weapon traits and combos for weapons and more skills for the 3 classes many feel like they are lacking and many feel like they could use more to enhance the roll-play, some of the classes like shield maiden needing more support class and mele skills, shade needing more damage buffs like maybe bleed damage on bosses?, way stalker needing to be built around head shot bonuses like damage stacking by x times you hit a targets head in a row with a cap and arrows back for head shots and just remove her passive healing and give it to shield maiden,kruber’s huntsman class could get bonuses for head shots and decapitating he could be what you would call a head hunter,pyromancer needs to feel more like a heavy spell caster apparently she feels more like a battle mage witch atm is what unchained is ment to be…anyway already feeling bored and trying to find a way to keep my self wanting to come back, as a player with 1033hr in v1 this is not good, anyway that’s all i have to say for now if anyone is still reading by now i would love to hear feedback and suggestions.

You’re one of the very few veteran VT1 players(truth be told ive not seen any VT1 vets say they’re bored yet) that I’ve seen say that they’re bored this early .
I had 300 hrs in VT1 and completed 100% achievements and im 110% sure im not gonna stop playing VT2 for a long long time , change is welcomed and if 1 specific thing that kept you on VT1 ,as long as you were , has been removed then i guess you’re just out of luck sorry

i’ve been playing since the third closed beta so i have had some time to play everything unlock every class and get a hero to lvl 30 and get plenty of orange item’s problem is there are only roughly 5 traits for mele same for ranged and 4 for charms and the like the first game had like 3 times that for all items and i can tell you i will soon have gotten everything unlocked and crafted in about 1 months time and then there will be nothing left to keep my interest in the game because the difficulty settings are a joke right now skill is not really a thing because of power lvl who needs skill when everything dies in 1 or 2 hits regardless about where you hit them cant really do solo play because specials are cheap shits that spawn in right beside you so you have no time to react to them and spawn in frequent numbers, and once you have swung a weapon a couple times you have pretty much seen all that they can do because you can only have 1 trait and a vary small list of them to select from vermintide 1 dose not have any of these problems and i will likely keep on playing v1 because this game has about as much depth as a puddle as it is in its current state.

I had 500h in V1 and I agree that first of all: careers don’t have that specific flavours since everything was nerfed too much (not saying nerfs were not needed but overnerf leads to no fun since all careers are not distinguished enough) and lack of Shrine of Solace pisses me off since I don’t like wasting 80 mats for rerolling and not getting 2 rolls I wanted and on top of that getting them both on low % rolls. That doesn’t makes me want for more- it makes me stop playing game since I have just spent 1h in Crafting menu and got nothing so I see no point trying further.

But I hope they will finally update craft system to what it was in V1.

If they do not change this crafting a lot of people will leave just of be annoyed.

  1. The speed of rerolling with always reinserting the weapon or trinket is so slow
  2. Not able to keep the old constellation? Really i dont get it how could anyone at FS get this idea after Shrine of Solace!
  3. i dont know how many traits there are but of what i have seen until now not many.
    Are there traits like v1 luck trinket? Lower damage from specials?
    I expected that at least most of the old traits will get transfered or if not there will be a lot of new ones but that doesnt seem so.

Yeah someone posted all the trait combos and % combos that are in the game and its like 5% of what was in v1 i know i saw some of the old traits from v1 in beta but they were removed its sucks to have only 1 trait per weapon on orange weapons, the % traits dont feel like there enough many feel like they should be on armour rather than trinkets and amulets many of the traits on trinkets and amulets and charms cant be combined because there on the same item because FS seems scared that multi potion will be too good if i gave it 50% more duration or god forbid i combine bomb radius with targets hit by bomb take 20% more damage for 10 secs,trinkets are so disappointing compared to v1 right now.

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oh good lord @MindfulTitan . please apply punctuation and sentencing and paragraphs to your post, i really had to gird myself and squint through your comments.

i also agree that the traits are somewhat… unexciting. in vt1 traits were awesome and game changing, they had dramatic effect. they still do in vt2… just that most of the power has been transferred to the talent tree i guess.

i was kinda disappointed when i saw the traits lineup. hopefully it will improve.

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Lol yeah sorry ,was feeling kinda lazy as i was about to go to bed at the time of typing that.

God, this really hurts to read. Use full stop / period (.) and break this wall of text into paragraphs.

In terms of the points you are trying to make, I agree to disagree as this is clearly an opinion. I feel whilst classes could have more unique to them traits, I understand Fatshark reused some of them across different classes for easier balancing.

Judging from the state of the game right now (way too much crashes and bugs) this already stretched Fatshark developers ability to deliver good quality code at the game launch. From what I have seen
the game stability (crashes on the drivers recommended for the game), backend server issues, in-game bugs with talents etc and geometry issues (getting stuck, mobs spawning in walls and shooting through walls) suggest we are in paid early-mid beta not at the golden build.

Fatshark is on the way to deliver one of the best Warhammer Fantasy computer game series. As far I know they are not a big and extremely experienced studio with unlimited budget, so be careful what you wish for.
The game could be more complex and characters could be more flashed out, sure, but at what cost to the game release schedule and overall quality? Trying to deliver too much sunk quite a few over-ambitious projects. I’m looking at you Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade.

I have to agree on traits being pretty lame and crafting taking step or three backwards. Careers on the other hand aren’t that bad. Dwarf has it best with every career feeling clearly different from one another, but even characters with generally samey feeling careers, like elf, have enough differences to change the role one takes when playing them.

What dwarf careers do right is the focus on each career’s strong points: ironbreaker tanks and has access to great horde control weapon, slayer can kill anything in melee but pretty much nothing else and ranger has the normal melee-ranged balance and supply support for the team.

I’d say that tweaking traits a little and perhaps restricting some weapons to certain careers might make their best roles both more obvious and even easier to play while making, for example, melee dps and control harder for WS Kerillian who should shine as the prime anti-special character.

But overall the game is great and I think it has better longevity than the first one if one is willing to switch roles now and again, as 15 careers opposed to 5 means that some of the variety from item builds has moved onto the careers. Still, I feel there is a lot of room for improvement and I hope it will get used well.

from what i could see they hardly added anything new, they just took the traits from the weapons in v1 and added them to the skill tree for the most part.

if i was making this game i would bring back all the old traits get rid of power lvl and just have rareity lvl be the power cap and just give each class the passives and F ability.

the skill tree for the classes feel like dumbed down weapon traits to me anyway…

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