I don't even want to play right now

Mission selection and mission system is obviously created by 2 different people, it doesn’t synergize at all. It just feels really awful. Went through 3 straight cycles with no scripture missions. Side objectives for specific missions? Forget about it.

100% no light source maps? That’s just stupid. You didn’t give us flashlights, EVERY GAME WITH DARKNESS HAS FLASHLIGHTS. Having random guns use flashlights in a game that is more about melee fighting is dumb too. One handed melee weapons with a flashlight would work.

There’s no incentive to play higher difficulties, so getting a full lobby is hard. I don’t want to start a heresy match with bots.

With crafting unfinished and both shops selling trash I just have no reason to play after lvl 30, haven’t upgraded my weapons in over a week.


Really just half baked. It’s unfortunate, glad I got it on gamepass and didn’t pay


It’s far from finished game, they shouldn’t release game like this.


It is also getting difficult to even get Heresy+ Quickplays right now, most Games I start at those levels it’s just me and the Bots.
Such a shame because the Gameplay is really engaging and fun, wish this also applied to the surrounding Systems.

this is sadly true. it feels like I’m playing a demo

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I’ve already uninstalled and moved on to another game.
There’s no point in playing Darktide after a few hours.

I feel like it’s as simple as doubling the amount of crafting materials and replacing “Run 25 missions” with “Run 3 missions at Heresy or higher”. Heresy is hard, you can’t do it with bots.

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Gotta wait a year or two until FS makes the game decent. Same thing happened with VT2. Infact, VT2 became decent cause modders fixed it up to the point where FS implemented mods to the main game. But DT doesn’t have mod support, so we’ll see.


At the very least they should have waited a month. Delaying a month to make sure the crafting was ready would have been a perfectly acceptable move.