I am a toxic player. No score screen will make things worse

Is there a such thing as a forum mod? I find it disappointing that no one has closed this yet.


Humans are flawed. At least they’re candid, there’s no point on telling them to change, they’re self aware enough to have written the post. I’m sure they’ll do whatever they need to, or they won’t. For you games are toys, for others they can be anything they need or want it to be.

For a rare glimpse of honesty no need to dogpile or chastise them. Most humans on the internet have weird quirks. I imagine you have no shortage of your own.

Considering your message could have been constructive if you actually cared about the outcome, might I suggest that you reflect on why you feel the need to (outside of the topic of the thread) put people down on the internet.


You can protect others by getting help. Anger management classes will give you the resources to control your anger before it controls you. It will also help you understand your anger better and where it’s actually coming from.

But most importantly, controlling your anger will make your heart happy :slight_smile:


I learned to control my anger and now it’s replaced with ennui.

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I commend you for being honest and presenting yourself like this, but the argument does still need to be addressed;

“Devs are trying to make a thing less common, but I—as a minority—still do the thing, so you should stop trying.”

This is not even close to a good argument, I’m afraid.

Personally, I’m fully behind Fatshark doing away with the old score screen. If they do implement a new one, I hope it’s something team-oriented, wherein the players’ individual performances are conflated into group stats instead of separate, like the total amount of kills, deaths, damage taken, etc.

Rarely did anyone acknowledge the score screen in Vermintide 2. Nobody cared for the competitive angle it had, it was a blatantly shallow thing to parade around. At best, they cared about their own score to judge their own performance, and that was it.

Beyond that, Vermintide 2’s score screen served only one other purpose in public matches, and that was for disputing players to point at as if the little green circles were an automatic win card for whatever it was they were arguing about. It was stupid. It encouraged players to focus on their solo performance over teamwork, straying from the team to get Elite kills and allowing ratlings to get free smacks in on unaware teammates so other players wouldn’t get ‘least damage taken’.

Do you know what I’ve seen so far in Darktide?

Not that. Nobody cares about their performance beyond just pulling their own weight. If things go horribly south, they might disconnect as per tradition, but nobody—and I really mean, nobody—has yet made the argument of skill or stats to me, my friends, or the people we play with.

Let’s keep it that way.


Woah, everyone, it’s a parody! Just read the second post from OP.

Unless I’m missing something this is about the scoreboard and whether it encourages toxic playstyles.

I like your self awareness hahaha. I’m too in many ocasions… I’m trying to be a better human being, but sometimes its hard to let it go when Its obvious the issue is the attitude of some people playing a multiplayer game. You see, I dont demand pro level play or try hard approach, but I demand commitment to the game if you are playing a… MULTIPLAYER GAME. Its being decent, respectful and considerate to your fellow team members. If you can’t deliver, then go play solo mode, if available, or a single player game… or even go read a book, watch a movie, study, whatever. Just don’t actively ruin other people fun. Don’t waste time from people you don’t know. This is not being tryhard. Its just playing the game. Who would’ve guessed, right?

But I’m digressing. Sorry.

I don’t want score board, is NOT a competitive game.

Score board does not imply competitive. In games like this, DRG, monster hunter, etc all coop games, it’s about trying to improve, seeing how well you’ve done. Once your max level and have your gear, it’s the only thing really to shoot for. This game isn’t balanced around rushing for example and has an AI director that will try and punish you for doing so.

Whether or not that manifests in toxicity is dependent on the game design. You will almost never find a toxic player in DRG despite having a scoreboard because of just how much it forces you to work together. Toxic lone-wolf types self select out. A scoreboard being toxic is a symptom of a design issue, not a cause.

A lot of builds will focus on different outcomes, if you’re playing a brain pop psyker for example, it would be nice to know how many specialists you killed if that’s your focus. Trying different builds to see how it changes your performance for yourself is important.

Sure, let it shown at the end of mission then.
Don’t want anything of that to be see during mission.

I think that’s fine yeah. No need to show anything in mission.

They’re not a very reliable way to determine if you did well or improved due to the game trying to make every game at least a little different than the last.

In the example of head popping specials: The AI director may not spawn as many on one run as another. There may be a Sharpshooter on your team that headshot them seconds after they show up. Then the opposite could easily be true where you have no other ranged on your team and you’re the only one who can pop specials at range.

The internet.
In a long thread full of views, folks flock in to add their voice in the same 3 arguments endlessly.
Never even reading what went before.


The scoreboard discussion was like this from the beginning.
Everybody just states their opinion without considering anything else.
That’s how it works on the internet.
And everyone is convinced that they are right, and everyone else is kinda stupid.

So, here goes:

We need a scoreboard.
It’s the only way to see if we’re improving at the game or not.
Don’t listen to the nay-sayers fatshark.

Loved you pretending to be the listening one and then adding the same post you’ve made like 50 times to the end of the list.
Did give us a chuckle in these grim dark times.

Not only this, if you’re complaining, and you happen to be the problem the entire time, THERE IS NOTHING TO HUMBLE YOU AT THE END. You will think you are the best forever.

Not saying you are bad, but this is a scenario that can be squashed at the end by seeing numbers, which cannot be disputed.


We need more stats. Even toxic players can wind up being the issue, and there will be no facts at the end to humble them and make them realize they were failing the team.

Games are also cooperative, especially Darktide.

And I get tired of teammates playing competitively instead of helping. I quit playing CSGO after over 3000 hours to play cooperative games with a skill component like this one.

No, people always dispute the numbers, especially when they don’t perform as well as they expect, even if the score is accurate. I’m not under the illusion that the presence/absence of a scoreboard will eliminate toxic players, but I know competitive people with fragile egos do put a lot of emphasis on it. For those people, it can be helpful to have a scoreboard that puts emphasis on cooperation so they end up being more helpful instead of hogging ammo and kills.

I have no issues with a scoreboard that totals a player’s score in the team as long as the total score weighs the value of actions that help the team above ones that compare damage. Things like tagging, reviving, conserving ammo, helping players with specials on them, etc.


Punishing someone for candidly talking about it and bringing up the issue is not the solution imo. You’re completely removing the opportunity to learn anything and discourage people from speaking up in the future for fear of being banned.
There should be a reporting mechanism and players with sufficient complaints against them should face repercussions to prevent them from ruining the experience for a significant portion of other players.

people are toxic. removing a scoreboard isn’t going to change that. For the number of cases it prevents a toxic player from using it against someone, it equally wont be shutting them up by showing their performance.