Title. Because Title. Because Hype.


I really hope this doesn’t mean Vermintide 2 will get less love. I really hope this is not the end of Vermintide 2.

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Nah Chaos wastes was announced for V2. And the development did start a while ago (or they couldn’t announce it right now).

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Yeah, that’s true, it’s just any type of such news makes me paranoid for the future of Vermintide 2. Love the game this much.

Well tbh i wasn’t expecting to hear of this today when i woke up but yes hype indeed. i TRULY hope that they can spend all the time required this time to avoid any potential issues vermintide 2 had on its launch but truly cant wait to get more information.

I really hope this takes off as a good 40K game is indeed needed.

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WWWWOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Very welcomed news! My 40k craving will be fulfilled!!! :muscle: :japanese_ogre: :muscle:

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I think they said they wont stop expanding V2