Huntsman's Main Problems (apart the bug)

I’m not here to talk about balance, it would be too soon, but about “style”, “design”.

  1. One important Huntsman’s advantage, than WS and BH, was his capacity to inflict a good damage vs hordes.

    Now, this advantage, “counteracts” with the new passive and its stacks… because, if I try to spam some arrows vs an horde, I instantly lose all the patiently accumulated stacks. I’m forced to make a sacrifice:

    • Should I preserve my stacks to kill elites and specials (but, in this way, I must ignore hordes)… OR

    • Should I continue to deal with hordes (but, in this way, I can’t exploit the passive vs bigger dangers, like specials and elites)?

    We aren’t talking about a talent… for a talent is ok to have pro and cons, since you can choose what talent to use!
    Sure Shot is a PASSIVE! It should be something always considerable as an “advantage”… and NOT something that penalizes and counteracts certain styles or even certain career’s advantages!

  1. Gain Sure Shot’s stacks walking is, in my opinion, a poor choice.

    • From one side, we could see situations where people start to walk in circle just to farm stacks…
    • From the other side, it’s not something under our control. Example: if we are fighting in a clutch situation (those scenarios where you really need to exploit every single career’s ability)… you can’t do nothing to obtain some stacks. I can’t just leave the group and move on among enemies to pick up flowers (even if, I know: our Krub would LOVE picking flowers) and farm stacks.

    I would love something like “Every a certain number of headshots, you get a stack”.

Huntsmans headshot centric effects

  1. And Blunderbuss? And Rep Gun?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love all these juicy synergies with Longbow. And I know that Sure Shot’s stacks work (or better, could work) and trigger the headshot also with those two weapons… but, as written in the second point, the new passive needs some work… it’s not enough as synergy. and, for the moment, we have lost Maim… that wasn’t that bad with “no-headshots” weapons.

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Idk if Huntsman had much of an advantage here unless you took a shotgun.


Or Repeater Handgun, which is only out-competed by her Ult.

Bullet speed, almost hit scan, fast fire rate. Not sure if the move from Maim was intentional, as it gave him 2 taps on everything.

Haven’t played him yet, but I suspect the free headshot build will be insane with it.

First of all, i have no idea how you can make this thread when Huntsman basically doesn’t work fully.

Or you could headshot to preserve your stacks.
Or bodyshot and ‘waste’ stacks and use ultimate on elites which gives 10 stacks AUTOMATICALLY ,which is insane.

This literally is, a huge advantage.

I don’t think players will walk in circles. Will they move while shooting or dodge alot? Probably but that’s fine.

Or you could just headshot. Stacks aren’t here to replace headshotting completely. You are making it seem like you have to get a stack before you can shoot, but that’s not true.

Or you could use new ultimate and get stacks that way.

Blunderbuss is insane, wait and see. I’m taking current blunder over maim any day, unless it gets hotfixed.

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Man, can I be TOTALLY honest?

I agree with this… I think that Huntsman is just overshadowed both by WS and BH… but if I wrote it, the thread would change in an “HS vs BH vs WS infinite discussion”. My personal opinion.

Anyway, spamming arrows vs hordes (mainly with %crit after an headshot [that now we can’t use with Shoot Crafter, sad] and Hunter trait), was cool… and now I feel that it counteracts with Sure Shot’s stacks.

@Mattie we talked a lot about Huntsman, I know that our ideas are incompatible and I don’t want to start an infinite discussion… I will be super brief.

  1. for this I said I talk about design and not balance;
  2. it’s highly unlikely scoring always headshot while you are spamming arrows vs an horde… even with a good headshots ratio, it will burn off your stacks;
  3. I know that the passive doesn’t replace “standard headshots”… but a passive that loses meaning during bad situations (since I can’t walk around during those scenarios)… in my opinions it’s not well thought.

You keep saying this, so this might be news to you but the proc condition for maim’s 30% damage boost is the enemy needs to be below 50% hp to count as “wounded” so maim does not give 2 shot breakpoints, it is in fact useless for 2 shot breakpoints.


Exactly… Maim was useful with Rep Gun just to reach one (at most two, I don’t remember) breakpoint… but it was a 3 hit-kill breakpoint.

What? Were you running it with no stats or with Crit?

The point is you can kill specials with 2 hits and still benefit from maim on everything else.

Also with Sure Shot now it will be even better.

Just the way you worded it seems to indicate that maim is giving you 2 shot breakpoints when it cannot.
It will only proc below 50% health, and if you deal > 50% health on the first hit, you already have the 2 hit breakpoint without maim.


Yeah, and then you get Maim on everything else too. As long as you have Specials down your role is covered.

Maim can’t give 2 taps.
You can kill specials with 2 hits with or without maim.
Maim only allows 4 down to 3 hits on 2 enemies in cataclysm. Is that what you meant by “everything else”? I don’t get your point.
For boss damage, you’d only run maim if you wanted specifically bodyshot damage otherwise the other two talents do more damage with headshotting.

Other enemies that go below 50% HP.

So was your point that maim is very useful because it lets you 3 shot 2 enemy types, which you typically wouldnt be shooting because they are low threat compared to the ammo spent, on 1 difficulty, specifically when using 1 weapon? Nah maim wasn’t great.

That you can get 2shots on every Special and then use Maim on everything else.

If you’re not spam shooting with his gun that has that much ammo, Elites included, then there’s not much point using it. Being able to deal execute damage on body shots is pretty great if you’re spamming. It also means you deal more damage to Chaos Warriors during Ults, which is huge, as you should be running double CDR (trink+talent) to make it really strong.

Also if you ask the same question again, please read the first sentence of this post.

It’s 2 enemies that you wouldn’t be shooting. It wasn’t great. You get 2 shot on specials with or without main. It wasn’t great. Your point was just wrong. You may not agree but i hope other huntsman players understand that maim wasn’t great, test it out first :slight_smile:

There’s no enemies you shouldn’t be shooting as him. What? Seriously, what?

His ammo count and regen along with Maim meant that you could have chip/execute damage on any enemy you wanted.

Yes, but there’s no better option than Maim, because of it’s versatility and the fact that you could move while shooting, unlike Longbow. It means you have a damage increase vs any enemy below 50% HP. I don’t understand how you can’t see how that’s good? What would you rather do, stand still and go for headshots or pray for crits, with a Weapon that has 60 shots + regen, or deal execute damage with body shots on every enemy type?

You only need to 2shot Specials, because they’re your main target with Repeater Handgun, as even off Huntsman it’s the one of the best Special killers in the game. The versatility of Maim lets you deal with everything else.

You also run the CDR, so you get even more damage vs Elites.

You haven’t really made any counter point other than ‘there’s an enemy you wouldn’t be shooting’, which is pretty silly, because you should be shooting everything as him.

Kinda hard to compete with 90% ammo back from your ult that kills 3-4 specials and elites every 20s without you even having to aim and hagbane giving you good range special killing, great crowd control and horde clear.


Well I just tried out the new bluntsman and I really dont see an issue. I could shoot into pretty much every horde and never even got close to running out of ammo.
Small tear for not being ablke to oneshot maulers with sure shot up but thats about it. The effectiveness you gain in midrange from sure shot is insane.


When a Mauler didnt fall as I blasted his belly with the Blunder I blinked and needed to comprehend what the F just happened.

I may be wrong but i think that i think maim worked indipendently with evry pellet of the shotgun meaning if half of the pellets would make enemy go below 50% health the others would do 30% more damage. Also i think if it could help with going down from 4 bodyshot to 3 on cata specials with repeater it wouldn’t have been that bad of a choice considering that would undoubtly help with boss killing but i always played huntsman with bow so can’t say much for sure.

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