Huntsman: what happened is sad. Fatshark, believe in your ideas

we really want to try and make Sure Shot an interesting feature in it’s own right while making it fit into the idea of Huntsman rewarding high skill play

Were you excessively influenced by the feedback? You should believe in yourself because it was what Sure Shot did: reward headshots with a “prize”.

Maim is gold compared with Free Shot


I think the patch note states it quite clearly - the idea is raw and has proven to be harder to implement correctly than expected, so they have run out of beta time and are rolling it all back for now.


They didn’t give up on it. They just don’t want to release huntsman in a broken, unpolished state. In their post they imply that they want to explore the idea further but the beta timeframe didn’t allow it. They are bound to revisit huntsman again when the second beta comes around.


I’m sure Fatshark will come up with another idea … but for me, what happened, remains a waste … the idea was already a brilliant addition to reward headshots. There is no mention of nullifying the necessary skill … simply rewarding when a player plays well

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Huntsman was too strong with his passive, you could get up to 8 free headshots with his ult talent, on top of that his passives were incredibly easy too maintain because you could just headshot afk enemies in the distance

Combined with his talent that gives him a free proc on 8 melee kills, you could very easily maintain stacks.

the removal off his ammo on headshot passive, also forced you to choose conservative shooter for good ammo sustain.

Their reasoning is solid.

The idea needed work and wasnt great in its current state, they are reverting for now until they can find the right solution.

This earns my respect, other devs may have been stubborn in their pride and pushed a feature they liked that the community did not.


The beta implementations of Sure Shot were atrocious and made the Huntsman a no-skill joke. It also punished you for shooting maulers. Good riddance.

Sure Shot should not be a passive. If they want to add it into the game I would suggest either: 1. make a Sure Shot ult - auto-headshot for the duration of the ult, just replace Blend In or Head Down and Hidden, or 2. Make Waste Not Want Not a talent not a passive and make Free Shot the passive (as it works with all weapons even blunderbuss and repeater that are unreliable for getting headshots) and make a Sure Shot talent where “every bullet affected by Free Shot is an automatic headshot” [but I still think “every bullet affected by Free Shot gets +50% crit chance” is better than auto headshot as it doesn’t have the wonky interaction with maulers and would offer better ammo sustain with scrounger for BB/repeater].

I would also like Maim back - it was really fun for melting bosses with a repeater.


HS on live has a reasonably good kit that just needs some tweaking. Admittedly, HS is the manbow, it is his strongest ranged setup that is both the most versatile and the most devastating to use. Everything else is a meme build, which is mainly owed to his weapons and not owed to his kit. Manbow and handgung are viable due to how they interact with his kit. The headshot shtick is a good concept, it just needs to be expanded upon. If shotgun and repater had better weapon traits, it would be a different affair. HS just needs some love. HS does not need a complete overhaul, just some tweaking and extra goodies.

What I would give him is 125 hp. He is an armored guy and this way he would be a more forgiving ranged guy in play.

+1 for wanting maim back. This is an annoying little nerf to repeater and blunderbuss as far as I can tell.

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BH is also armoured at 100 base hp; both careers have DR talents anyway

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Honestly I’m glad they were willing to roll it back until they’ve got the wherewithal to create an implementation that they and the community are happy with.

What we got in the beta had a lot of cool concepts it just needed more polish/time which isn’t currently available.


What happened is balance and not going into clearly not functioning ideas (ekhu ekhu weaves)

Originally, BBB is made of the modders’ idea and effort.
Then FS just discarded it for their summer vacation and postponed its official operation to autumn.

no way it makes it in to live the way it was. the only thing that bothers me is their “high skill floor” “headshot class” rhetoric like… really? was that anybody’s idea of what huntsman’s class identity was? like it’s cool and free ammo and you just aim at head level during hordes but that doesn’t define the class

I must respectfully disagree. Fatshark asked for feedback. They allowed us to opt in to the beta so that we could test the upcoming changes. It would defeat the point of doing either if they disregarded the feedback they were given.


+1 for replacing Head Down and Hidden with auto headshots.


I think the main reason Bluntsman was so busted during the rework was due to Sure Shot + Hunter’s Prowl. It wasn’t balanced, even with Handgun balance was questionable.

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Sure Shot as a passive + Reset + Fast stacks (and, later, melee stacks) is what made Bluntsman get 1100+ headshots a game on average. It’s like if WHC or BH always had Fervency or Blessed Shots up, just way too much free damage.

But gating Sure Shot off on a 90 second cool down would give Huntsman a viable ult option that doesn’t break the game or 100% disrupt other builds.

I personally didn’t use Fast Stacks, it wasn’t needed, reload speed gave more DPS.

Just auto headshots + Hunter’s Prowl was enough to cause imbalance.
E.g Bluntsman could 1 - 2 shot CWs in ult/delete patrols, crossmap specials with just a couple pellets, decimate hordes.

They could play around with it being gated to a 90/81 second cooldown but it would still make bosses, patrols and other large threats obsolete/far too easy.

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