Huntsman - Thick Hide

“Killing a Special or Elite enemy reduces damage taken by 10%. Stacks 4 times. Taking a hit removes one stack.”

This talent is already pretty solid, but tick damage can chew through all 4 stacks in an instant.
I think a 1 - 2 second delay/buffer between losing stacks could be a reasonable change.

(After losing a stack, you can’t lose another stack for another 1 - 2 seconds.)

EDIT: Even a 0.5 second buffer would be a great quality of life improvement to this talent.

This would reduce the overall defensive capability of the talent significantly. You would be prone to get instantly downed by burst damage (i.e. multiple hits in quick succession) in that specific time frame. Right now, the talent kinda works like Barkskin (with diminishing returns) and that’s pretty good.

EDIT: I might have misunderstood. If you don’t lose another stack after it proc’ed, this means you’ve got to keep your current damage reduction up at the respective level for that amount of time? That would be a better Barkskin then, proc’ing four times in a row (even though with diminishing DR every time). Which would translate to a time period of 8 seconds (taken your suggested max value) in which you wouldn’t take 100% of the incoming damage. That’s a crazy buff.

I think you misunderstood or poor wording on my part.

After losing a stack of Thick Hide, there’s a small window where you don’t lose a stack upon taking damage.

Like I said, a 0.5 second window would be a quality of life improvement against tick damage such as gas.

2 seconds is the upper limit but even that is too generous imo.

to be fair I don’t think it’s really supposed to act as full dr and more like when something happens like “oops I forgot to block that”, or “oh god, I didn’t see that overhead and now I’m dead”, I mean why would it lose a stack if that wasn’t the case?

Of course, I agree. Which is why a small buffer could prevent all 4 stacks instantly decaying from a tiny amount of tick damage. Saving the stacks for higher damaging threats like overheads.
Again, 0.5 second buffer could be enough to prevent this without turning i into high up-time “full dr”

yeah that would be nice, and while we’re at it we could make it so that when you get pushed by a elite it doesn’t consume a stack or if you get grabbed by pack without taking damage(but at least that makes more sense)

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