Huntsman - Swap Passive and Talent

Free Shot and Sure Shot.

Free shot works with every weapon and would make a solid ammo sustain passive for Huntsman. Sure shot has some really wonky interactions with most weapons and Maulers. Also, It’s just a weird mechanic in the first place. What if you just replaced these 2 so that sure shot was a talent? I get that it probably still needs some numbers tuning for the stacks and all that.

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Sounds simple enough to me. Hopefully this gets some experimentation.

I think this wouldn’t work because there are talents that modify sure shot and nothing that modifies free shot. I’d rather mauler just get ignored by sure shots (doesn’t headshot them, doesn’t consume stacks)

So much of the current rework relies on Sure Shot being a passive. I’m not sure this would work very well.

If sure shot is a talent, it’s going to become a must pick because of other talents relying on it as well as its power. Those two issues can be solved through other means.

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I really think sure shot itself is mostly fine. Reset is absolutely busted, as is how sure shot currently interacts with the blunderbuss.

I really think these two issues should be addressed first, then we can decide if sweeping changes and reworks are in order.

Reset needs to go, and Blunderbuss should simply have only the primary pellet be affected by sure shot. This wouldn’t bring down the ridiculous ammo regen by itself, but it would stop you obliterating armoured enemies with it, and basically fix its unfortunate interaction with maulers.

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I think that might result in Sure Shot being a top/must pick.

Just wondering, which part of Sure Shot is more “busted”/“broken”, doing headshot damage on body shots or proccing Conservative and headshot talents on body shots?

Allowing Sure Shot to proc talents/traits but not deal headshot damage might make Huntsman a little more accessible without dealing outrageous free damage on body shots.

Empire Longbow works that way right now (bugged) but it feels a little more acceptable/balanced.

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