Huntsman should have THP on crits so it can stack with Burst of Enthusiasm

Basically just the title. I think it would be cool to have a build where we just double down on farming crit headshots. I don’t actually play Huntsmans so I would be interested in what people with more experience with him think.


Main problem is thp on crit/headshot is a direct downgrade from his current options, I wouldn’t be opposed to it but I don’t see it ever being the more attractive choice over health on stagger. Especially with Kruber’s arsenal which really enables that talent

Noone should have THP on range attacks anymore. We got rid of that for a good reason from all careers but Huntsman, who also still has 30% less CD in his last row.

He just needs some touching and hopefully will in the future.


with both of them active it would be 8 THP for a ranged critical headshot. I don’t think it will be the most competitive strategy, just fun.

oh you mean combining them so they work together at the same time?

Well they are two different talents that have the same activation condition. Iirc burst of enthusiasm has the same conditions as THP on headshot/crit

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