Huntsman saved sureshot shots should give ammo

When having sure shot stacks, hitting a headshot should not consume sure shot as well as give one ammo similarly to conservative shooter. This should then also stack with conservative shooter and scrounger and other ammo effects.

Ammo refund is currently weak on huntsman. The only way to regenerate ammo is to use ult (barring special kills, and scrounger), so I think adding a little more incentive to repeat headshots would be nice. Although waste not, want not is gone, this should emulate it to a degree without fully being reimplemented. This also makes reset a little more valuable because it makes farming ammo easier.


Or when you are at 4 stacks and you headshot, you get 4 ammo back, ofcourse with a cooldown or not triggerable on the same enemy. Or would that be too strong?

Whenever you’d gain a sure shot stack, but already are at max sure shot stacks, gain 1 ammo instead.

So basically if you’ve got 4 stacks of sure shot and you land a headshot, gain 1 ammo. Or if you’ve got 4 stacks of sure shot and get 8 melee kills, gain 1 ammo.


Honestly keeping 4 stacks up is pretty damn hard. Maybe that’s just me though.

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WNWN could have been integrated into Sure Shot. Huntsman is such a mess already and all the other ranged careers more or less have infinite ammo.

It should be a %percent%, not just X number amount of.

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