Huntsman Rework and why its awful

I like to play huntsman with blunderbuss, because my headshot aim usually sucks. Before the tweak bluntsman was already good. The rework with sureshot was definitely not needed from the point of the old bluntsman.

The problem with Huntsman is simple: his talents are tied to getting headshots but 2 of his weapons, repeater and blunderbuss, are bad at headshotting. Rather than slavishly conforming to the “must headshot” standard and breaking the class just to accomodate repeater and blunderbuss, maybe we should just jettison the headshot dogma and give Hunstman talents that make all weapons viable and fun but still reward skilful players that can actually get headshots without resort to some dumbass auto-headshot passive.

Here’s some suggestions:


Replace Sure Shot with Free Shot - every 3rd shot consumes no ammo - This skill benefits every ranged weapon and gives the Hunstman a degree of ammo sustain.

Replace Waste Not Want Not (1 ammo on headshots) with Fast Hands (from RV) -> +15% reload speed. This benefits all weapons and doesn’t require headshots/favour longbow and handgun.


One in the Eye - +50% headshot damage (favours skilled players with longbow/handgun).

New Talent - +50% crit chance on shots affected by Free Shot passive. Good ammo regen for weapons equipped with Scrounger. Good for weapons that are hard to get headshots with (repeater/blunderbuss).


Replace Thrill of the Hunt (now a passive) with Waste Not Want Not -> 1 ammo on headshot. Good for ammo sustain on handgun/longbow for skilled players.

Replace Fast Track with NEW TALENT -> critical shots can penetrate an additional target. Good for all ranged options when firing into hordes, but especially for blunderbuss and repeater.


Replace Reset with NEW TALENT -> all shots fired during 6 second ult count as headshots. This retains the intent of Sure Shot but limits auto-headsots to the ult. If you want headshots during normal game play you have to actually develop the skill to do it. This ult benefits all weapons and might be the go-to pick for low-skill players who can’t headshot routinely.

Modify Head Down & Hidden - ult lasts 10 seconds AND increase reload speed by 50% during ult. This mainly benefits handgun and longbow because they have a magazine size of 1. The extended time and reload speed allows more shots with increased damage. This can be further increased by getting headshots if you are skilled enough.


Repeater/Blunderbuss with Scrounger trait :
lvl 10 - +50% crit on Free shot. For damage and ammo sustain.
lvl 20 - crits penetrate extra target. For hordes.
lvel 30 - (Sure Shot) All shots count as headshots. For elite/boss killing.

Handgun/Longbow with Scrounger trait (no headshot required build for low skill fast play):
lvl 10 - +50% crit on Free shot. For damage and ammo sustain.
lvl 20 - crits penetrate extra target. For hordes.
lvel 30 - (Sure Shot) All shots count as headshots. For elite/boss killing. OR Head Down & Hidden if you like hitting more targets.

Handgun/Longbow with Conservative Shooter trait (headshot for high damage build):
lvl 10 - One in the Eye - +50% damage on EVERY headshot.
lvl 20 - Waste Not Want Not - 1 ammo on headshot. For ammo sustain.
lvel 30 - Head Down & Hidden - increased ult time +50% reload speed.

I feel that changes similar to this would make the Hunstman more fun to play with all weapons. All ranged weapons will be viable, but we preserve the need to develop skills by relegating auto-headshots to a 6 second ult window.

Thanks for your attention.

Oh, no I meant, you caught me, I was a semi pro FPS player :stuck_out_tongue:

Its pretty obvious that they built the career around using the bow almost exclusively, since they have nerfed every other possible weapon combination usable for him when it was good (obviously early bluntsman and pumped up kicks huntsman were both broken)

I agree with you however, that this change is pretty stupid and while it may solve the “issue” of weapon diversity it doesn’t feel good, im probably just going to write off Huntsman as a career if it stays in its current position.

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Am I the only person that thought Old Huntsman wasn’t bad at all, and just needed a few little tweaks to some of his talents coupled with some of the weapon changes already in place by the BBB he’d be great?

And are people actually arguing Bluntsman was really bad in Live? I mean come on.

I agree his talents didn’t allow much synergy across his weapons, and possibly the reward for headshots should be higher or talents rewarded based upon long or short ranged damage, but giving him an aimbot allowing me to get 1k headshots with a blunderbus is baffling.

Currently it’s a class designed for mindless and careless play. No skill, no worry about positioning, no concerns over mixed hordes or elites, snore…


Old Huntsman was fine. The damage reduction talent needed a re-work and the handgun. Otherwise, Huntsman was perfectly viable and fun.

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I think outside of Sure Shot and Reset, Huntsman is already near perfect.

Bluntsman was already powerful.
Repeater Handgun is a powerful weapon in of itself and the spread is very tight when standing still.

Instead of reworking Huntsman into something else, why not offer ways to have an easier time scoring headshots?


Every fourth ranged hit counts as a headshot (replacement to Free Shot, serves the same purpose by maintaining ammo with Waste Not, Want Not and procs headshot talents/traits)
Put it on the same row as One in the Eye, players have to choose between free headshots or more headshot damage. Choice will most likely depend on weapon/skill level.

A passive/talent that reduces spread and recoil while standing still. (Or perhaps a special bound key similar to Asrai Vigil, reduced spread at the cost of movement speed)

One other way to get around it is by making Thrill of the Hunt, Makin’ it look easy, Power headshot and Burst of Enthusiasm also proc on ranged crits not just headshots.

At first I was on board of limiting auto headshots to an ult talent but it would most likely be a top pick. BBB Bluntsman becomes seriously busted with the auto headshots in ult, capable of melting bosses and patrols. (1 - 2 shotting cata Chaos warriors in ult)

I’d personally like to see Burst of Enthusiasm ranged thp replaced with a cooldown talent, whether that be cooldown on ranged headshots or some other mechanism.

Make 'Em Bleed could do with a tweak to make it competitive, if it also buffed call out weakness by an additional 5% it could be enough to make it a valuable/competitive option for certain builds.

Ult talents could be more interesting, but generally Huntsman was fine, just needed small tweaks/talent choices for BB/Repeater.

Your message confirms what I said. To regen ammo Huntsman needs headshots. The other ranged careers can regen ammo without any effort.

High risk, no high reward.

Repeater - infinite ammo
Longnow - infinite ammo
Handgun - infinite ammo
Blunderbuss - can’t spam it 24/7.

Don’t need headshots in the slightest, Shot Crafter, innate extra ammo and Scrounger with high crit chance guarantees you never run out of ammo. HS in live has excellent ammo sustain, it needs the least amount of micromanagement.


You haven’t understood the point. The other user said that Huntsman rewards headshots because hitting heads he regens arrows.

So I said that the other ranged careers can regen ammo without effort.

I never said that without headshots Huntsman can’t regen ammo… Indeed Shot Crafter is a perk that I love.



Omg, my english is bad but not that bad. It was a quote to the other user.

He said “HS rewards headshots because hitting heads regens ammo”. I answered: “The other ranged careers can regen ammo without any effort… So, again, HS seems to me high risk but not high reward”.

HS also gets ammo with no effort.

I can’t understand if my english is really so bad or if you just hate me.

The point is not if Huntsman needs effort to regen ammo or not.

I meant that the phrase “HS is high risk, high reward because headshots regen ammo” is wrong. This because, since the other ranged careers can regen ammo without any effort (and since HS has also Shot Crafter), there isn’t any “high reward” in regen some arrows thanks headshots.

This is your comment.

And this the explanation, as already said.

I mean I don’t know what else to say. You say headshots aren’t rewarded, even though headshots with HS can give you ammo, crit chance, reload speed, tHP, and increased headshot damage for breakpoints that no other career can get. And without headshots you can be just as effective as pretty much any other ranged career, on top of having better tHP sustain, better defensive melee weapons and a better ability which is a lot more versatile. And you keep saying high risk, but I’m not sure you know what that means.

What do you want headshots for HS to do, 1 shot chaos warriors? One shot stormvermin with repeater? Give you 100% power?

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Because the other ranged careers can obtain the same things without scoring headshots. Pure damage? Also the other careers can 1 shot-headshot every special and every elite (Chaos Warriors apart). Ammo regen? Also the other careers can regen ammo, and without any effort. Higher crit% (but still not 100%)? The other ranged careers have directly a guaranteed crit (or a doubled shot).

Now, seriously? Should we start the same exact speech already discussed yday in the other thread?

Yeah so just go play those other careers and let people who actually enjoy HS play him, instead of turning him into a braindead career that literally has aimbot. You just don’t like HS, same way with how I don’t play Zealot or Slayer.

Regardless, he will 100% get nerfed, considering he’s 2-shotting monsters with handgun on Legend, and destroying everything with any weapon. I guess you don’t find that OP though.

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If I don’t like the style of a career, I just ignore it. If in my opinion there are some balance problems, I write my ideas in order to find a possible solution… that they may like it or not. It will be Fatshark decision. I won’t despair of this.

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