Huntsman Rework and why its awful

So Kruber by far has been my v2 main, 35+(275) most of that was huntsman (and now GK) and I have soooo many issues with the new set up.

The Sure Shot passive removes basically any requirement for skillful play when it comes to using your ranged weapon, while also forcing you into a fairly specific build, that not only feels pretty bland and unrewarding to play, but also feels like it robs the identity of the class.

The ammunition talents (3rd shot and 10% return on special) feel 100% useless, with Sure Shot, proccing your 25% increase crit, on basically any ranged auto, on top of the crit you are likely stacking on gear, you just poop out ammunition using scrounger.

The biggest issue is probably that people who played and enjoyed huntsman prior did so because he was fantastically strong in the right hands (being able to headshot consistently, and profit from the ammo regen on conservative) made him a very cool niche hero, now he feels spammy where just existing procs your bonuses. He is probably a stronger hero for it, but there is nothing interesting about him and it doesn’t feel rewarding to play.


I agree with this. In fact, I’ve been agreeing with this all over the forums because I’m a disgusting Huntsman addict (haha). I dislike the changes to my favorite career and indeed agree.

If anything I feel they should have made other careers more specialized.

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Huntsman was already plenty strong enough in the right hands, im all for opening the class up to new playstyles but he’s now in a place where you can breeze through the match without needing to aim.


Legit opinions apart, because you think he’s over power and I disagree, I will always fight the myth that Huntsman rewarded headshots… Huntsman was forced to headshots, wich is a pretty different thing. There wasn’t none reward.

In live version, Huntsman, through headshots, can kill the same enemies that also the other ranged careers can kill (Chaos Warriors apart)… then sure, Making It Looks Easy increases your crit chance (not to 100%, it’s still RNG), but the other ranged careers have directly a free and guaranteed crit.

To me, this change is more than welcome…

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I don’t think it’s bad to open the career to less skilled players to be honest. As long as a mastering is possible, I’m fine.


I dont get this part. Sure Shot is not active all the time. You need to travel quite the distance to accumulate some stacks. The only way to get them when you need them is Reset, which probably needs some touching.
Without Reset all you get is an occasional quick kill on specials, or damage on elites.

Compared to the other range careers Hunstman just fails in the elite clearing and special deleting compartment. Even a Knight with a Handgun, or Repeater can deal as effective with specials and elites as the unchanged version of Huntsman unless you run Bluntsman. I would call that quite bland.

The whole Hunstman change is mainly something for Cata. In Legend and below Hunstmans bow does all the work. It doesnt even need Talents to onshot SVs, or quickshot them while in prowl.


Sure Shot is trash that removes all need for aiming or skill. I can run whole maps never dropping below 3 or 4 stacks. Proc-ing One in the Eye and Thrill of the Hunt with body shots. It’s a lazy, stupid design that makes Huntsman boring as hell to play. Dump this garbage.

Give him Blessed Shot instead and let getting headshots and proc-ing talents actually require some skill.


Completely agree.

  • Shotgun worked fine
  • Longbow was clunky, but could still work fine. Glad they removed some of the clunkiness
  • Repeater Hangun is Repeater Handgun. It was fine
  • Handgun was probably the only bad one, unless you were feeling tryhard, when it became really fun to land spam Headshots. Glad it was buffed

The only thing I feel like he needed was some DMGR or better THP to make him less frustrating out of Ranged. Being forced to use Shield Weapons or Spear as your only viable THP options is a bit boring.

He just feels really slow compared to the other Ranged Careers, as you’re not really given enough survival to use Dual Wield or 1 Handers.


I agree with the arguments but I didn’t see it in game that way. Sure-shot is so slow to build that it’s basically trivial. I’ve gotten a dozen headshots for every one that SS gets me. I basically ignore it, it’s completely irrelevant. I get an extra 50% damage once or twice per boss fight, woo hoo.

Off all the changes the only one that got my attention was the faster cooldown on Prowl talent. Should just make that baseline, cmon, I mean look at Shade’s ult in comparison. Huntsman would be fixed right there.

I also didn’t like the longbow rework. It’s just… slow. Can’t snap shot, takes too long to zoom shot. Just put the zoom on Weapon Special like Waystalker has. It’s the only solution that makes sense.

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I have no idea how you could come to this conclusion honestly. It’s incredibly strong, particularly with the ult talent that gives you a full stack. Barely needing to bother with headshots at all is insanely good.

He gets huge bonuses for headshotting, and you now need to put zero effort into it. Unless you’re a human aimbot with absolutely insane accuracy, that’s a huge boost. And if you are legitimately pro-FPS player tier good, I’m not sure your view on how the rework functions is relevant to the rest of the playerbase.

Massively lowering his skill floor and ceiling while making him do way more damage is not “basically trivial”.


is there a downvote option? of course he rewarded headshots, you had 2-3x ammo regen on top of 1 shotting elites / most specials in Cata, idk what you are talking about.

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Only if you are a bad player…


yeah any good huntsman finds the change to be irrelevant which is the issue, good players see no difference, and bad players think he is good all the skill was removed for some gimmick mechanics.


You got me there.

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another internet argument won :sunglasses:

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I’d say I hit 60 or 70% of the ranged headshots I aim for. I’m no aimbot, but I’ve been playing FPS for many years, so yeah. Take that for what it’s worth.

I’m more annoyed by the changes to longbow which make it harder to snap shot quickly, and lowers my DPS a lot, not to mention ruins the pacing and makes the class less fun. If the change stands, I’ll just write Hunty off and stick with Kerillian for my archery fun.

So it levels the playing field, but doesn’t actually affect top-tier power, thus making it OP. That’s probably a good thing to be honest, in terms of player retention and accessibility of the game. I’m not actually seeing a downside.

I think many people here offering confusing feedback. Some parts of rework need to be toned down, but it is not making rework “awful” in any measure.

Sure Shot + Reset do make it awful. You get 10 free headshots every 64 seconds.

As long as you hit the body of your target you activate all your “on headshot talents” and expend no ammo. You can just blast away like a drunken maniac and get the same benefits as if you actually were an eagle-eyed sharpshooter. Actually trying to get headshots is detrimental as it just slows you down. You’re better off being quick and sloppy because you have the safety blanket of Reset .

Gotta say, I like the intent of the new Longshanks talent - damage reduction needed a rework on Hunstman - but it needs tweaking as friendly fire from Sienna or hagbane bow can remove stacks. I think the Huntsman should only lose damage reduction for mistakes he makes no for ones his team mates do.


Did you even read the post? They explain why it’s not a reward, nor unique to Huntsman.

I suppose you are technically “rewarded” for playing the class how it is intended to be played, though. I just don’t know how many people would look at it that way.

If it’s irrelevant to you, then what’s the issue?

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