Huntsman: Replace Burst of Enthusiasm with BBB's Headshot = Stacking Power Talent

I like a lot of what has been done with Huntsman. I feel he did not need many changes from his pre-BBB state, and only a few things needed changes to be more interesting. I am a big fan of Free Shots, and the creation of a viable damage reduction talent. The last thing I wanted to see for him from the BBB was the removal of “Burst of Enthusism” in favor of something more thematic to that Talent row, and overall more impactful and interesting. (The row seeming to be more based around damage increases, in the form of reload speed, creating more damage uptime, and crit chance, creating higher burst damage potential.)

I would like to see the return of the beta Talent that allowed headshots to increase power by 5%, up to 20%. It allowed for levels of damage similar to the playstyles that use the “Hunter” ranged weapon trait. (Maybe even increase the stacks to 5, up to 25%?) The comparison is that the buff is more challenging to reach, but more rewarding, as the damage increase would apply to all enemy types, and is not tied to crit chance/random chance. With the return of “Waste Not Want Not”, and “Makin’ it Look Easy” no longer competing with “Shot Crafter”, more players may be interested in using ranged weapon traits that are not based on regenerating ammo (Conservative Shooter and Scrounger).

I also believe that “Burst of Enthusiasm” was never really that great, and its replacement with a new Talent was a welcome addition. It was originally replaced with a Talent that granted Sure Shot stacks on X amount of melee kills, but Sure Shot has since been removed. So, I figured that it would still be a good idea to replace this Talent, but with another new Talent that was originally introduced, that I thought was strong. Up to 20% ranged and melee power for scoring headshots, in my opinion, is a far cooler Talent than “Burst of Enthusiasm”, which currently is only really considerable if you are using the Longbow.

Hope you consider this!


I really liked the power on headshots

would open up some wild possibilities with hunter too which would be rewarding for the headshot gods out there


I agree that there is no need to keep Burst of Enthusiasm (unless it’s significantly buffed).
My only worry is that I’m not sure Power on Headshot can compete with Making It Look Easy.

I think it competes pretty well

do you want consistent 20% power or a higher incidence of crits?

especially since hunter will be in the mix here, I’d say it’d be a solid amount of choice between the two


Disagree, I actually use Burst of Enthusiasm, and I think it’s a solid talent.

Burst of Enthusiasm hasn’t seen much use from me outside of Blunderbuss (Bash thp)
Maybe using it to sustain thp on kill e.g CW kill then prevent thp from decaying with ranged headshots.

Moving Burst of Enthusiasm to level 25 would allow players to use it alongside Makin’ it look easy.
It would proc more often outside of headshots and open up space for Power on Headshot.
Though it would be competing with ammo and damage reduction.

I personally want to see a cooldown reduction on ranged headshot talent.

I use it with longbow, and I imagine it’s even better with repeater, although I didn’t think about the blunderbuss bash. Just playing regular Cataclysm, I had trouble keeping tHP up from one horde to the next. With Burst of Enthusiasm, I mitigate tHP decay almost entirely, having tHP up for most of the mission, and it keeps me topped up by firing longbow light shots into a slave horde.

Yeah one crit blunderbash into a horde and thp is pretty well stocked.

I typically play with stagger thp + spear, I’ve never really struggled with thp

Blunderbash thp is a little inconsistent so I tend to run thrill of hunt*

Stagger THP with Spear generates an ungodly amount of THP anyway. BoE is a waste of a talent if you ask me.

That’s the thing, I couldn’t generate tHP well with spear. Be it in Cataclysm or C3O with huge horde sizes, I didn’t feel like I could generate enough to sustain. 1h sword and 1h mace from my experience are better for this. Even then, while I could get tHP from hordes, by the time the next horde comes, It’ll have mostly depleted, and I’ll be in 1-2 shot territory again until I build some up again.

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