Huntsman passive suggestion

Sure Shot (Passive) - Every 50 meters traveled by bullet or arrow generates a stack of Sure Shot making the next ranged hit count as a headshot. Max stacks 10. Headshots does not consume stacks Sure Shot.

Fast Track - Headshot doubles distance traveled by bullet or arrow for Sure Shot.


  • makes passive only a safe net to raise skill floor for this character (and skill ceiling a bit because nobody is an aimbot);
  • benefit all weapons (that can and can not headshot);
  • leaves skill as long as shots with great distance and headshots benefit more;
  • removes stupid running in circles;
  • does not make HS point-and-click OP.

What is your thoughts about this, guys?

Do they need to hit something? Or do we have to watch Huntsman spamming into the air at every ammo box?

Also, does it not penalize Shotgun as its reach is lower as other weapons?


I think that you should hit something or it would promote very strange gameplay. :grin:

Maybe it would be possible to count every pellet for shotgun and tweak some numbers. If not, suggested changes still makes shotgun more viable that live version and not so OP as it now (plus we have Reset anyway).

Since Blunder profits from guaranteed headshot the most, it is good that it’s harder to get stacks.


Add a parameter that Huntsman looses one stack per friendly fire hit unless he hits a Dwarf, in which case he gains 2 bonus stacks.

Could see that one become a problem. As long as you have at least one stack of sureshot any enemy further than 25m away will automatically generate another stack of sureshot. Giving infinite guaranteed headshots as long as you are 25m away from your target.

I like your idea, it seems like a step in a better direction than how it works now.
I just think that any version of sureshot that involves in the player doing something (be it walking, shooting, consecutive headshots or whatever) will make it cheesable or just outright exploitable. This includes stacks via ult.

It‘s boring and outright copy/paste, but probably the best solution is gaining the buff every x seconds like BHs Blessed shots. Might still be stackable, but the player shouldn’t be able to generate stacks like with Reset.

I was not totally clear about that, I mean normal headshots, that not affected by passive. My bad.

That would make my point mute^^

But they already changed it anyway.


  • Sure Shot, changed - Headshots grants a stack of Sure Shot. Ranged hits counts as headshots. Max 4 stacks. Headshots don’t consume stacks of Sure Shot.

Wonder if multi headshots give multiple stacks at once.

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