Huntsman Kruber nerfed way too hard

FS if you are reading this please bring him back to the way he was in 1.07. I want my old krub back.

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meh, my kruber is 30+130 now about half of that was FK the other half was Huntsman, FK felt way easier across the board (outside 1.0.8) basically a giant handicap the whole time, free block for 10 seconds after charge, hits barely hurt you ect. That said in the current game im still doing fine on Huntsman, I think he should prolly be returned back to his 1.0.7 state considering that other ranged careers are far easier to play with to yield the same if not better results currently, but I certainly can still carry a match, i’ve finished my black armor and im 50/100 legend runs towards my helmet for huntsman and the only games i’ve lost so far were to backend errors, host D/Cs or us just simply quitting when we failed to do one of the Legend Challenges.

Krubers biggest failings are as follows:

FK is very tanky and has utility but compared to IB who can run drakeguns and do decent ranged / boss / special damage FK is limited to BB or Handgun which are both low ammunition weapons that do little to hurt bosses, so overall he brings less to the table

Merc is basically a horde clearing hero, and hordes are trivial

Huntsman is fine but has a higher skill floor than pretty much every other ranged class to be effective on legend and even then is easily rivaled by braindead play like BH / Pyro

Kruber’s weapon options are ABSURDLY limited compared to other classes

Melee: Halberd (or I guess exe / 2h hammer if you are merc / FK respectively)

i think the argument of which is most powerful between hobo/bounty/unchained/pyro can go around in circles till the sun cools but at the end f the day its a bit moot as they are all game destroyingly OP.

even after this so called nerf hobo is still clearly god tier that trivialises the game.

and at this point its time to move on its fairly clear FS’s view of this game being melee focused has changed and even if it isnt the balance is coming in such small steps we would need 3 or 4 rounds of nerfs as they slowly whack a mole them down one by one to balance.

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They’re all strong and none of them should get buffed. Only fixed and nerfed.

Well it looks like you were wrong!

This is so funny. HS underperforms not only compared to the ranged careers, Zealot, Slayers, Shades, HMs absolutely wreck him if you know how to play.

If you think HS is godtier, you’re either playing champion or you’ve magically never seen actually good players on any other class.


Funny that after the nerf, there seems to be actually very little video evidence of his still supposed boss melting and CW melting power.


It depends how you spec him but he does the same damage against bosses for me now than my elf have 20% extra monster damage and 20% chaos. He is less effective tho because his ult is useless and his bow is less accurate. Hunstman used to be good against armored classes but he is now worse than elf and bh on armored classes. They do more reliable damage and have a useful zoom. He used to absolutely melt bosses and armored targets.

Stormvermin take two shots for me unless you get headshot or crit. Chaos warriors minimum of 4 shots. Bounty hunter absolutely has armor pierce if he uses crossbow and his ult with double shots does pierce through CWs. You can get more than one if they line up. Going into melee should not be faster than the longbow armor piercing. Its just simple physics.

Hunstman now is a less effective character than elf WS or BH in every way. He used to have more damage to compensate the long ult and clunky ranged weapons.

All characters should be distinctive and have different advantages otherwise what is the point. The game becomes boring otherwise. They removed the effective damage of huntsman and left the quirky mechanics so he’s not boring but useless which is just as bad. By useless I mean worse than other ranged classes at what he was supposed to excel at ie armor piercing and boss damage.

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Ehhh thats not 100% true, you only get spread if you zoom fully with HS longbow and both bows have a slight bit of drop at extreme ranges, elf has a bit less but the drop on both is predictable and if you play the class long enough you can compensate. I think they are about equally accurate so long as you aren’t fully zooming on huntsman.

I would agree with this assuming the players are of equal skill level, he certainly can be out shined now. BH isn’t OP persay just braindead, you don’t have to be good to play the class well but there is still a skill ceiling and WS is fine. I think the real argument here is if we want to tone down BH or bring other ranged careers up to a more competitive level.


Disagree entirely.

Hes trash tier now my dudes idk why this is still a discussion. I used to play him almost exclusively and had to put in a lot of time and grinding to get him where I wanted and play him well in order to do well. Now I play mostly shade/pyro and the game is basically autopilot. Having played so much kruber prior to 1.0.8 and now playing more of the other ranged classes its actually mind boggling now that the goobers in this community are still trying to argue that he was inherently overpowered and that hes currently still strong. Compared to what? I mean if youre comparing him to all of the careers that arent technically dps then yes…hes a good dps. But compare him to EVERY elf career or pyro and whats the point…you get the same/better results with minimal effort on everything else.

Incidentally these melee purists are hilarious. Having played a lot more shade recently I can say shes easily one of the easiest characters in the game. Super simple mechanics, never have to worry about weapon swap, ult is self peel and nukes everything, very mobile/hard to get hit by disablers, can solo any difficulty, can solo bosses (something huntsman could never do with aggro) very flexible with loadouts (has more than literally 1 weapon she can use in each category…) but hey RANGED OP. Its very skillful of me to press f and hold w into something then left click point blank with their character model literally inside of mine or behind me and one shot it.


I suspect it has to do entirely with the fact that different people get different AI behaviour. With the “normal” Legend behaviour, he was fine. At the “enhanced” mode you get with a lot of hosts he starts to fall apart fast. In our runs, because of this, he’s worse than useless.

Its this kind of over exaggerated stupidity in forum comments that gets stuff adjusted so heavily in the first place.


Is huntsman in a disadvantaged position compared to other ranged heroes like BH and Pyro?


Does huntsman need tweaks, basically bringing him back to the 1.0.7 level.


Are you bad at the game if you think huntsman is useless for legend and can’t play him in legend.



Nah. He’s the least versatile class right now by far and has clunky/buggy blocks and weapon swaps. In a director-gone-haywire scenario where the levels are generally worse than any deed combination, he’s liability. He needs breathing room to function and it’s almost guaranteed you’re not getting that with a lot hosts’ directors.

In an ezmode match he’s just underwhelming. In a “normal” match (ie director beefed up) he sucks.

If we define versatile as being decent or better at all the main categories of enemies: elites/armor, bosses, hordes, specials. Then that makes huntsman straight up more versatile than slayer and battle wizard+conflag. So no, huntsman is not the least versatile class.

Huntsman is still decent, he just isn’t pyro/BH/WS level anymore. He’s still better than ranger vet damage-wise. Maybe that’s the power level Fatshark wants to balance the range classes. :man_shrugging:

But seriously your argument is pants on head stupid. Just because he is a weaker class means he is unplayable? No class in V2 has ever been unplayable nor-will they, do they need adjustments? Sure, basing a classes viability around whether or not a chimp with a computer can easily run them doesn’t help solve problems. Huntsman needs “slight” tuning, not an overhaul because he isn’t useless, he is just in a weak spot as is Kruber in general relative to other careers. Unfortunately he is also locked into stale un-engaging play due to his limited weapon options.

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Do you have anything constructive to add to the conversation or are you just going to be a troll? Normally to refute an argument you make counterpoints.

Fine, despite huntsmans flaws and bugs he isn’t useless, he still does comparable boss damage, 1 shots basically any special with a headshot or body in some cases, 1 shots storms with headshots, has stealth, has access to the best melee weapon in the game and pierces 6 mobs when shooting into hordes if they are funneled its fantastic horde clear and can be mopped up with a halberd. Also infinite ammo is still nice.

Again i’ll state he is in a weaker state than other ranged careers, but if you all keep claiming he is worthless he will be over buffed and then all the chimps on the forum will cry again like they do about everything that is better than whatever it is they play.

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