Huntsman is a lot stronger than I'd like to admit

I’ve been reluctant to try huntsman for a while, thinking it would be more risk than reward.
Oh how wrong I was. I’ve playing huntsman all day yesterday and my opinion of huntsman has dramatically shifted to the point I think he’s the strongest non-horde killer in the game.
Invisibility on top of massive ranged damage with a modest cooldown, practically infinite ammo,
crit aura. I think that a lack of mobility might be huntsman’s only weakness.

Although his longbow kinda sucks, it doesn’t immediately zoom in and on top of that has inaccuracy even after the zoom.

But I also may or may not be looking for an excuse to gloat about these green circles. Which is for a character I was still learning.


By the looks of the scoreboard, it appears that your Zealot and IB joined midway into the game.

Huntsman is only as strong as the person who is playing him. If you’re already Legend/Cata ready then it really doesn’t matter what career you play because you already have an understanding of game mechanics.

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Everyone joined in the beginning at the first horde/monster spawn at the gate.

I now believe that every single career in this game is really good. Especially huntsman, just like every other career, they’re all so goooood.
Fùck me I love this game. I don’t know else I can express how much I enjoy playing this game.


Woah! Profanity filter, don’t abandon me!


Yep huntsman is very strong. Glad you tried him out and were pleasantly suprised.

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Luckly this game hasn’t “trash careers”… you can do very well with every one. But, in my opinion, Huntsman needs a rework… actually he’s meant to be “headshots career high risk, high reward”… but then misses a real (or unique) high reward.

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