Huntsman is a bit too strong [Handgun]

I’ve been messing around with Huntsman since yesterday and even though I have a lot of fun blowing away bosses in 2 seconds flat, I feel like that’s a bit inappropriate. I actually didn’t notice this with the bow and arrow (albeit still strong) but I’ve been using a handgun primarily.

As long as I’ve had 4~5 stacks of Sure Shot and my ult at the same time, I’ve been able to chunk bosses for like 250 damage per shot. If I have any potion for concoction, it’s 500 damage. God forbid a get a crit with the easily accessible 45% crit rate the Huntsman can reach on his own and delete half the bosses HP in a single shot. And I can fire off about 5 shots in the time I have with Prowl.

While I found this to be strong for the Handgun, I can’t remark on other weapons. Though I feel other weapons have different challenges.

Overall, I think it may just be an issue with the Handgun over-rewarding headshots or having caps too high on Strength or Finesse multipliers. The handgun was never really especially good on other classes, so I think that tuning those multipliers can safely hinder the Huntsman’s prowess with it without affecting it’s questionable performance on other classes.

It’s huntsman in general, not just handgun. Handgun will melt bosses, blunderbuss can be pointed in the general direction of the enemy and annihilate them, bow can stack ridiculous bonus damage because it doesn’t need the reload talent, etc.

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Completly agree on that, huntsman is realy insane right now. Hitting headshots all the time for doing nothing feels just wrong and doesn’t feel rewarding at all. Honestly I don’t even see a reason why they changed him anyway, he was compeltly fine as he was.

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I’d say he could have done with some buffs or changes, but yeah this was a little bit much.

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