Huntsman Feedback/Waste Not, Want Not

I believe the removal of Waste Not, Want Not was an unhealthy change.

Ammo sustain is a ranged careers engine and fuel, taking it away leads to lack of build variety, coaxed talent/trait choices and/or mandatory picks.

Pre BBB Huntsman could get away with running any trait depending on a players skill level/how they managed their ammunition, but with the removal of Waste Not, Want Not, Conservative Shooter is almost a mandatory pick now.

Sure Shot is also redundant on Handgun and to some degree Empire Longbow.
It’s only notable on Blunderbuss, however pre-BBB Bluntsman was already good. Now it’s over the top.

Overall, the changes has made mechanical skill less rewarding, made Huntsman both less and more accessible, nerfed/removed builds and made some builds like Bluntsman even stronger. It’s rather gimmicky.

My suggestions:

Remove Sure Shot and return Waste Not, Want Not as a main passive.

Rework Free Shot: Every third/fourth ranged hit grants a ranged headshot.

Free Shot now offers a way to make Huntsman more accessible and bumps headshot rate whilst limiting potential cheese/OP breakpoints as it can’t be stacked with One in the Eye.
(Both on level 10 row)

Rework Burst Of Enthusiasm

Burst of Enthusiasm was a decent talent pre-BBB but didn’t match the likes of Crit chance or reload speed. Reworking it to cooldown on ranged headshots could make for a competitive option.

Remove Reset

30% cooldown is boring but much more balanced and had great synergy with every ranged option.
The other option is to implement the above Cooldown on Headshot suggestion as a level 30 talent and return old thp Burst of Enthusiasm to the level 20 row.


As it seems that FS is quite insistent on keeping Sure Shot, I think suggestions around it are more likely to be accepted. Although I understand the need to criticize it still.

I agree with these suggestions, though I still think it’d be healthiest to just revert him.


I like this

I totally agree, I also think the Longshanks change should be the only thing kept from it


Sure shot was a fun experiment while it lasted but considering all the issues it still has I also think it should be scrapped. I also want maim back instead of power headshot.

Though I think waste not want not should be changed from 1 ammo per headshot, to 1 ammo per elite/special kill. This change doesn’t hurt longbow or handgun in my opinion, and will greatly improve sustainability on the blunderbuss, while being a small bonus for repeater.


I personally don’t like that idea. Elite/Special spawns vary too much and it will result in allies fighting over special/elite kills.

Shooting these enemies is huntsmans primary role, I don’t see why his allies would be fighting him for them? If what you are actually talking about is ammo sustain when firing mindlessly into horde heads… take conservative shooter?

Unfortunately it doesn’t always come down to roles. Some players don’t care or want to be greedy.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. My suggestion is to return Huntsman to how he was Pre-BBB and just add a talent to add some synergy with Blunder/Repeater on the level 10 row.

Pyromancer kinda has the same problem with Deathly Dissipation, competing with allies to kill specials. It can be frustrating to say the least in uncoordinated games.

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Obviously something like this is what they should have done in the first place, but there isn’t enough beta time left to try out new talents. That’s why I propose a very simple change with ‘relatively’ minor impact.

it would punish huntsman for having a bounty hunter with dmg reduction on elite kills and it would punish grail knights who wants to keep their thp up if they have low health. having different characters fight over elite kills since it benefits the one who kills them is a bad thing.

To be clear we are talking about getting 1 ammo for a kill which makes it ammo neutral, why would you need to compete with anyone? If they kill it then you save the ammo.

by shooting elites in the head you would get 2 ammo.

How is that different from the original waste not want not? I think this ‘issue’ is being blown out of proportion. At any difficulty worth mentioning, where you would need the ammo sustain, there are more than enough elites and specials for everyone to kill.

then you have not played with certain bounty hunters as slayer or grail knight.

waste not want not makes huntsman be able to get 2 ammo from from headshots on any enemy, it also allowed huntsman to use another trait without missing out on 1 ammo from headshots

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I agree, I already miss the old Huntsman.

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