Huntsman changes from patch 5

Although I haven’t actually tested it yet (it’s broken anyway), the new changes look interesting, but I fear raises the skill floor which would have strange interactions with some of kruber’s ranged weapon choices especially the blunderbuss. Also, building stacks by walking 50 meters might create a walking in circles meta a la Pokemon Go originally.

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I don’t think the new changes raise the skill floor, i would say it’s made easier, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is more forgiving on missing headshots. He will need huge number tweaks tho as alot of these reworks are BIG buffs. And yes blunderbuild is broken i saw a vid of @James testing it. even with all the other stuff being broken and untestable, so yea.

My bad. I meant that it does lower the skill floor making easier options even easier. The buffs seemed to be balanced around bows and handguns while ignoring the blunderbuss and repeater, or that’s at least how I interpreted it.

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Another strange interaction is that movement speed stacking actually has a place for once. As well as walking in circles. Does jumping affect how many stacks are built? Considering that jumping also affects movement speed bonuses, I am curious about that interaction.

If anything Blunderbuss should be better, a top pick.

Free headshots make it easier to proc crit chance, reload speed or power while also increasing Blunderbuss DPS. I imagine the new passive will be able to proc Conservative too.

Repeater handgun can now fire more shots before reloading and have an easier time similar to Blunderbuss.

Overall, these changes are positive to every ranged weapon.

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The problem is making things too easy and too powerful creating a new ranged meta and must pick.

I am a bit worried about that too.
The positive is all 4 ranged options are strong now, competitive with each other.

We’ll just have to play test it when the hotfix comes out.

Could you link the test?

EDIT: I just tested Bluntsman and it is hella fun. I ran 2-1-3-2-2-1 with Scrounger (because Conservative Shooter doesn’t work right now).
I don’t know if this is OP, but it is really powerful for sure. I love it.

Yeah, I was running bluntsman with conservative shooter as a test run. 1-1-3-1-3-1, and it’s actually broken. Free headshots negate the problem of blunderbuss where armor actually stops you. Easily 2 shot a CW without actually trying on cata. The cooldown ults giving 10 stacks of headshots is almost dumb. It translates to 20 free ammo on blunderbuss especially during the ult. Constantly proc’ing reload speed made blunderbuss shoot even faster, and with free headshots, sniping specials with a shotgun is easy and getting damage resistance stacks is actually pretty easy. The free shots proc’ing on such easy shots to hit is also hilarious. Being able to shoot out 2 blunderbuss shots in rapid succession deletes anything that isn’t a boss, and it also does incredibly heavy boss damage even against armor since any shots that hit are considered headshots and armor bypassing.

Just ran Handgun Huntsman…

I no longer had to aim.

Okay a bit of an overstatement, but with my build I never went below 75% ammo without having to put all that much effort in.

It used to be a real powertrip to chain headshots together in a pinch, I’m all for extending his talent set to include other playstyles but i really liked that Huntsman was precision-aim dependent.

My huge issue is that this change severely lowers the skill floor, and it shows on low skill weapons like the blunderbuss. I’d rather see changes where the skill ceiling is increased, and huntsman is a high skill-high impact career.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to lower the skill floor necessarily. Huntsman was probably the least picked Kruber class exactly because of it’s high reliance on skill.
Idealy, the skill floor would be lowered while the ceiling was heightened. Here was only got the former, which is fine by me.

The problem with doing that is that it makes low skill options even stronger and skilled players even stronger, and I think that skill floor issue can be seen if you run blunts man.

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The thing is, I don’t agree that this is a skill floor issue. This is a balance issue.
I don’t agree that lowering the skill floor necessarily makes high-skill players stronger, either.

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