Huntsman Burst of Enthusiasm

I think old Burst of Enthusiasm would have a place in the new Huntsman kit.
In fact it would probably be very competitive with power and reload speed.

Huntsman gains about 1 stack of Sure Shot every 50m or about 13 seconds of walking at base movement speed.

Fast Track lowers that to 35m or about 9 seconds of walk time at base movement speed.

On paper ranged headshot/crit thp has a lot of synergy with the new Huntsman kit.
Would it be possible to re introduce it with the next update/hotfix?

Already assume Fast track wont be strong enough to compete with the other 2 talent choices.


Agreed, removing Burst of Enthusiasm is a bad move, since it was a unique talent which gave you a unique way to sustain damage. Now HS just gets boring damage reduction like everyone else.

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