Huntsman ammo from headshots

When playing as huntsman passive ammo from headshots and weapon trait ammo from headshots not working properly. I have it even with booting the pc and game again, this is on new big balance beta 2020.

It is not bug it is rework.
You have this instead:

Sure Shot (Passive) - Reworked. Every 50 meters traveled generates a stack of Sure Shot making the next ranged hit count as a headshot. Max stacks 10. Headshots does not consume stacks Sure Shot.

Not exactly. Waste not want not is still available to huntsman when viewing talents. There hasn’t been clarification if WNWN is deprecated or just bugged.

‘Waste Not, Want Not’ is still listed as a passive ability for Huntsman, it just doesn’t function.

Conservative shooter still works perfectly, not sure what OP is on about in that case however.

Waste not Want not isn’t working that’s all, despite being listed as a passive still.

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