Hunting Grounds: Fatshark’s Counter Attack

Seriously I think the Hunting Grounds modifier was put in place to deliberately get back at players for all their whingeing about the game. “Oh you don’t like X things and are throwing temper tantrums? No more power outages then! We have something special planned for you…” Then they vanish for Emperor knows how long.

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I mean I guess it worked then, because I stopped playing a bit after hunting grounds launched. :man_shrugging:


That or they needed more data on the dog’s behavior, so they ramped it up. Due to the lack of communication from FS we can only speculate.


I don’t understand why power outage is in the game at all, considering that the most hated VT maps are hunger in the dark and blightreaper.

Sometimes it feels like half the studio is just developing out of 100% pure spite.

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Well, we have flashlights… Its actually my favorite mode if they ever bring it back.

The frustrating part in V2 was someone had to carry the torch, which I didn’t mind, and when you lit up a torch bonfire it never really illuminated the room. The Blight reaper first half fight had multiple plague monks spawns which can be overwhelming in the dark.

In Darktide the rooms are massive, and the flashlight harkens back to L4D where you had to turn it off against the witch. Its a shame the Big man doesnt have any flashlight since he has become my main. Still the flashlight this creates a more immersive level imo. And the Ogryn does have some funny lines about how he is the scary one in the dark.


I actually enjoyed the darkness map modifier, that and the fog both (when the fog wasn’t obliterating my FPS anymore, at least, with the RTX actually forced off properly). And that for maining a Psyker with zero flashlight at the time, it was done a lot better in this game than in VT2 I feel.

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I recentlly filed this as a bug. There’s no mention of removing other modes from rotation. Im pretty sure they just screwed up instead of being malicious.

Power outage was fun the one or two times i actually got to play it, but I mained vet with and infantry lasgun so i always had the flashlight.

I think it would be better received if we could see other players’ loadouts in the squad setup screen to make sure somebody has a flashlight, and to make it so every class has access to a light source. DRG style throwable flares would be cool for characters that don’t have flashlights.

I also think it would be a more interesting modifier if instead of the power being out the whole time, you’d get random power outages for a few minutes at a time, or only certain sections of the map didn’t have power.


I really like this suggestion. Flares and flashlights more available would have made it a lot more fun.

Shamelessly linking this again.

Has anyone seen any of the fog modifiers since launch? Missed them during the beta and my god I want to try them.

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I like it.

“Choo choo mutantfu…ker train” next please!

when it was in rotation i only played lights out if i happen to want to use a lasgun. which was not all the time. they need weapon mods. idc if they think it’s too cod-like. it would be objectively an upgrade to gameplay. we need scopes/sights, flashlights and bayonets now. then they can add underbarrel attachments later in a year or two as a “big content update”.

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I wouldn’t mind power outage if the ranged enemies ALSO couldn’t see us from afar without their own flashlights… Big open areas where you get sniped sucks. Especially if you play a class that just doesn’t use flash lights or used a weapon that does.

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Realistically the poxhounds are buggy as all heck and they likely wanted plenty of data and examples of their buggy behavior, hopefully this means they’re being worked on but y’know at the moment theres like twenty things that need to be worked on…

i also liked it.

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