Huh ⚙️?

My favourite joke for QA testers:

A QA tester walks into a bar and orders:

a beer.
2 beers.
0 beers.
99999999 beers.
a lizard in a beer glass.
-1 beer.
“qwertyuiop” beers.
Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.


They also walked right past the sign that says <insert_text_here>


QA or playtesting? Because they’re two different things. Playtests are more fun. Still work, but more fun. That sounds like QA testing.

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Unrelated but what do you think about steam’s Early Access program where indie developers offload the QA process to dedicated customers. Do you think this is more value to game developers versus professional QA testers?

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Eh, useful, but I’m old school and think anyone doing testing for a company should get goodies in exchange. I just worry about it feeding into the idea that game studios shouldn’t compensate testers.

That said, professional QA testers do have tools at their disposal. One is not better than the other and one won’t catch more than the other. It’s like apples and oranges. Both fruit, but…still different things.


If you’re allowed to speak on this and it won’t get you into trouble with your past employer, what would have improved Fatshark’s Quality Control for their products? I don’t think it’s controversial to agree that Vermintide as well as Darktide had some hiccups in their release. Would Early Access have made Darktide ship into a better state or would that have caused trouble?

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One day we will transcend all languages and revert back to caveman paintings.
N im all for it.
Ooga booga siblings.

I don’t think I can really answer that without throwing my NDA to the wind. Sorry!


Could be Harvesting Cogitator Array?

I think it’s a mine that harvests Atoman ore. Most of the mission will involve repairing machines that have halted due to negligence or heretic activity. At the end you use one of them to hit a motherload of ore for other teams to harvest while you bounce.

That said it’s probably way lamer than what I’m thinking here. Keep those expectations mediocre, fellow “rejects”.


I heard the joke and came as fast as I could. And now I go and cry.

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we already know that. hadron literally told us it’s a place that processes ore that we’re going in to restart. so far the hints are just very stupid reminders of the teaser video. why?

Idk, its just what he did for a day before quickly realising its not what he wanted to do. Probably was QA testing and I suspect you know better than I .

I think reviewing games woulda been more up his street. Play it for a bunch of hours and write a review. He is incredible at games and will smash thru them at an alarming rate. Sounds like a much needed skill in todays game journalism :smile:

Looking forward to seeing the “Array” emoji … :wink:

:abcd: ?
:cd: ?

Gonna be tricky!

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:sunny:” (sun rays)

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Next emoji better be:



I was wrong about the new Sienna Career, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a dog for real this time.


DRG just released season 5 - 13th June !

Have they finished early?! :exploding_head:

Quite radically, they’ve actually partially explained the new gaming mechanism on STEAM! Ye gods. All this information, literally just … given … to me … on … a … plate. No testing needed. No youtube vids to understand what it means.

I’m going to go have a lie down.

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Huh, I coulda sworn it was originally the 24th, but looking through all the teasers, trailers and such it says 13th.

Maybe I suffer from hallucinations. Maybe they moved it up and did a really great job updating everything. I don’t know.

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I wasn’t calling you out bud :+1:
Just a bit of fun at FS 's expense!

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