How to get Wrack and Ruin Value

A lot of people still don’t believe Wrack and Ruin are worth the slot, but I think it’s BiS

Just in case you are on the outside looking in, W&R hits everything in a 4 meter radius of a BB’d elite or special with soulfire (like the Psyker ult that melts the screen) but instead of waiting 30 seconds for an ult charge you can just do it again and again and again

The secret is: the harder your mission the more value you get out of it. More stacked elites means more chances to stack SF.

I hope this info is useful, think about it next time you are BB’ing a Crusher surrounded by hordes, or even other elites

That´s something i was preaching till release when poeple talked about ascendant blaze and how useless it is.
Actually all what you might do with your claim is to wake up some sleeping dogs still claiming how useless DoT´s are, because they have no kill-potential or you need X stacks etc…

I agree that W&R is in a good spot. But it also has its issues and will probably never be BiS as long as WU exists.
WU gives you 10% permanently damage which can be increased by the players manually. In comparison you´ve W&R which…

a) Needs an elite in a good spot.
b) Wants you to take your time for BB.
c) Takes time to tick and only hit the breakpoints of a horde without poxwalkers on 1 BB.

I do see the gain from those ticks in general, but the circumstances clearly doesn´t outweigh the extra damage from WU which lets you reach higher breakpoints easily without the need of elites, clunky BB gameplay and great positioning. Taking care for a bit of high peril is not hard and you can spam all day long. And since dead enemies are good enemies who won´t hurt you anymore or take some space you might need to dodge.

I mean, if poeple like to spam BB it´s up to them. I´m not a friend of it unless there is a sniper or like 10 gunner in a spot. I still think W&R and Tranquility need reworks right now and WU a huge nerf. It´s way too powerful especially for a level 10 talent.

My favorite to W&R would still be to get ride of the needed elite-enemy, but lower the stacks on 2 if you hit a normal enemy and 3 if you hit an elite or something.

Not a huge psyker guy so I’m not going to comment on the rest of the topic, but I did want to say I don’t think the first levels of feats should arbitrarily be worse or less strong than the later level feats. They’re all part of their overall kit, and I think they should be balanced around that instead (not saying WU is balanced, just saying I think this isn’t a good reason to nerf it).

Thanks for the reply.

WU does indeed increase the damage of all of my abilities but I’m finding that having that extra ability from W&R and focusing on BBing has taken my damage potential to the next level. If you focus on BBing elites/specials you will trigger dots that will clear poxwalkers/shooters and other elites - check out the fact that I’ve got double the ‘lesser enemies killed’ - this is from the first clip.

Not to mention, if you see a bulwark/mauler/crusher you are getting out multiple BB’s and thus applying multiple 4 stacks, which will stack with other w&r stacks - and other sources of SF like AB, to everything around them

Not trying to be “that guy,” but do you think the weapons you were using might have influenced that? The Auto Pistol is obviously amazing for horde clear, and idk what melee weapon you were using. Not saying you’re wrong, just wondering if you’ve taken that into consideration :slight_smile: .

Also what overall build are you running with WaR? Seems like it could be a lot of fun.

I think that W&R is probably best used to compliment a low horde clear secondary, such as the Autopistol.

That said, I’m still not terribly impressed by it compared to the competition in the tier.

I agree that the feats should be generally balanced. But if i had to choose, then ofc later ones should be the stronger ones. If the level 30 feats would generally overshine the rest, because they´re the last, then well… place something like WU there and not on level 10 as the obvious meta-choice to go.

As i´ve said in other threads… we´ve a level 20 talent that is able to give us 2 more warpcharges. That´s 8% damage in total and you´ve to maintain them.
They might assist AB or Quicken, but in general the difference is so ridiculous and i really dunno why we´ve pretty much 2x the same trait in its core. (Damage based on something), when one of them seems kinda balanced and works with other stuff, but sits on decent drawbacks doing so, meanwhile WU is already stronger when you choose it and exeggerates all things out of existence when you start to deal with peril.

It´s just busted and an obvious bandaid to cater some guys who´ve been like “Psyker needs buffs, it´s a glas-cannon without the cannon, make WU effect every weapons etc…”. Just stupid…

I do get your point, but i would also say it depends highly on your build and playstyle.

Ofc if you´ve and open field where you can catch elites easily W&R will be sick. Same on high int maps, where the DoT ticks for you.
But if you´ve some sick weapons and know how to use them, you´ll just slay through everything or stagger enemies out of existence until your team does the rest.

I personally played soulblaze from beginning and i love to use AB for hordeclear. But in that case it´s just one button every 30s or so… and tbh more than 1 horde every 30s is not a thing unless we talk about some high int events. And for elites? There are axes, forceswords, etc…

As i´ve said, i do think it´s somehow fine for those who likes the BB-playstyle, but i´m personally just no BB player and i would like to see a couple of changes on the level 10 talents in general. I´m actually tired of all the recent buffs anyway.

The build is 132232 for maximum soulfire application

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That´s actually what i saw in your video, but you would probably do yourself a favor and go for the BB ultimate if you try to procc W&R that often anyway.

Something like 1 - 3 - 2/3 - 2 - 1 - 3 should fit a BB - build better and will hit higher breakpoints in general. And for the level 15 feats yeah… either go for more damage against bosses / crusher or get the cdr to spam the BB ultimate permanently.

I do see the relation on ascendent blaze and the 10% chance BB procc, but i think 6 warpcharges and being able to spam BB way faster is the way to go.
You can easily outweigh the lack of waveclear from the missing AB, if there is no elite, with a waveclear-weapon like Illisi or Purgestaff.

But it´s up to you ofc, just saying… AB just seems wasted if you´re able to deal with like 80% of the map with BB + W&R.

Taking the Ult that allows you to BB faster (especially with Psykenetic Aura so you can ult more often) might be the next step to try. I would greatly miss the passive warp charge healing but… Well soulfire kills do heal toughness with the right talent

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Yeah completely forgot about the on kill toughness. But since you BB all day long… probably both will do its job while one depends more on elites and the other on “how many kills will my mates do on the already burning heretics”.

I dunno how many toughness you actually lose in general, but playing around BB in the backline should be safe af anyway.

I run it like that, with KB as the last talent. Its good fun if you want to focus on BB. The multiple DoT application especially in chokepoints melt elites and everything else. I haven’t used it since the last W&R buff, and nerf/buff to soulblaze damage vs armour.

Mind I don’t use it with broken blessings combos and I enjoyed it, so with something like autopistol pinning fire etc, it likely insane if you don’t mind some micro.

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