How many rolls of 80% can you get?

I thought it was only 2 rolls tops, but apparently I was wrong… I know the blessing is not fantastic, but still :smile:

Max for that weapon, without bugging out, should be 60% on “First target”.
(4 x 80% & 1 x 60%)

First target, unfortunately, is really an important modifier…
I would still try to make it orange…

I’d go so far as to say all five stats are important, maybe mobility is the least since it’s already high.

Smackdown though is straight up garbage on a combat blade, and all my lacerate knives have it :rofl:
Highest base stat with lacerate for me is ~320 for Zealot, on Vet though I got a 350 one almost as soon as I got to lvl 30.

Darktide player agency at its finest!

Lacerate is not really the most important…
Mercy killer is better…and a perk +5% chances of critic

Mercy killer? You think I can pick and choose which blessings I get?!?!?

With the new system, you will be able to…
check shops, if you find a mercy killer then buy it. A 20% is easy to find, 40% can also be found.

Easy you say, then how do I do that? Can you write a quick tutorial on how to find the blessing I need? :clown_face:

Check the mercheant shop (and Merk’s one)… I know, it is a question of luck. But sometimes you can find one.

Easy peasy, just have to win the lottery! Keep shilling!

I personally used the app to check every hour if a good weapon was available. When it is the case I switch on computer to log in and buy it… I now sit on (almost) only BiS orange items (with few melee/ranged options) on my 3 lvl 30 chars.

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