How many players will play further and is it worth to develop any seasonal content?

As in the title, how many players will stay and would that number be worth for FS to develop seasonal content and run it as a GaaS like anounced?

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Sitting at ~200h here, ogryn, zealot and sharpshooter at lvl30, still playing and getting prepare for when they release things… eventually…

I think they are lucky that (for my taste) no good game is yet released, but 2023 being a hell of year for gaming, it’s going to be tough for Fatshark to reach retention objectives…


I’m over 200 hours, I’m not playing nearly as much as I was when it came out. Mainly cause I have a job and a life and vacation is over… But if there was more content I would be squeezing in another few hours a week.

IMO, FS needs to prioritize the big issues first (and I think they are). Any new content will bring players back, but if players hit the same issues they are now they’ll be gone fast.


People usually come back to these sorts of games when big content drops, it’s why they confidently decided on doing what they’re doing now. They know people will come back. Fatshark isnt a big enough studio to just drop a title entirely anyway, this is their platform for now and making a new one would cost much more.

The steam reviews dropping below negative is unfortunate (for them) but they’ll have to deal with less sales by providing better service that pulls more people back in


I’ll definitely hang around as the core gameplay, especially in the 40k universe, is solid and fun.

I’m definitely starting to lose patience with lack of recent progress and updates, but nothing else fulfills what DT does.

The ongoing silence from FS suggests to me that serious things are happening behind the scenes, for better or worse.

I’d rather hold out and hope that it’s good for the game and player base, than walk away from a game which is still ultimately a decent 40K experience.

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well i’m at +400 hrs myself, all classes at 30, all misiontypes on Damnation done, but none of the Heresy Penances done.
My biggest problem to motivate myself is the bs RNG and crafting incomplete. I could even stand some RNG, but it’s tto much and although i have fun doing missions, i was not able to find groups i want to play with more often and just have some fun doing missions and solve the weekly contract what i only do for 1 Char a week and not more. My gametime dropped more than a half, but as i said still fun for 2-3 missions the one or the other day.

I didnt play VT’s - just wasnt for me.
I like War of Roses and Vikings and i didnt remember it was from FS, but both titles left me frustrated when they were canceled. I’m a Chivalry Player also, but havent played sinde a Battlepass was introduced.

i love WH40k and Darktide and i hope they come up with some significant changes and ongoing story, complete crafting and very much less RNG.


People will eventually come back when the game is fixed and its the final product they had originally promised, plus once there is just more to do and classes to grind out. I would expect it to continue to decline for a while, FS is slow when it comes to fixing things unfortunately.

I uninstalled a week or two ago and tbh it’s gonna take a lot more than a single good patch for me to start caring about FS and their games again.

They need to show that they’re actually listening to player feedback and learning from their mistakes, and build a game that respects our time and has fully fleshed out systems before the mobile game cash shop tactics are even considered. Really crazy how badly they screwed this up, shame on me for preordering I guess.

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Plot twist, Fatshark comes up next week with all our concernes addressed. Boom



that would be really good :slight_smile:

i would be able to earn blessings from weapons i have and change/ use them on weapons i also have.
It would cost ressources i can play and grind for. I dont have much, because i consecrated a lot of weapons and changed perks a lot already.
I would be able to work on base stats and not rely on the rng shop that much, mostly it doesnt have anything worthwhile for me anyway.
They would have an eyepatch and a bookpack for my zealot like in the artworks
and maybe they would have redesignes penances to make them possible in pugs without having other people involved or play **** yourself.
Maybe they would have some more story and i’ve heard in VT2 you could use your chars as bots.
I would have a full team i can arm up and play alone.
I hate people rushing all the time and i’d be able to searh levels at my own pace and even fight endless hordes as much as i want to.
I’d maybe find and make some friends playing like me, slowly, but still successfull, make fun, immerso into WH40k universe.

ok lets be real… the next week anouncement is: We are working hard on it and the shop has new sets, but nothing i like or want and i got once more teached dreams are but shadows.

335 hours. I’m waiting atleast for a full crafting system, more special conditions cause having only hive biome feels very repetative to me. Right now there is nothing to do after lvl 30, no prestige/account levels. Got god roll weapons almost on every character but can’t reroll blessings. Used to play Damnation regulary so no more challenge there, no deeds or twitch mode. No red weapons to gather a perfect collection. Still need some pennances for ogryn and psyker but it’s impossible to make them solo or with randoms.

I don’t think anything small is really going to spike the player count.

Fixing and fleshing out the game, more missions dropping one by one, more modifiers, crafting etc etc, none of this will be enough to bring people back, not really.

It’s probably worth looking at Total War: Warhammer 3 because it had a similarly rough launch, where the steam review score dropped down into mixed, only to later return to mostly positive with the launch of Immortal Empires.

To get anything like the boost Immortal Empires gave warhammer 3 for Darktide it boils down to either A. content. or B. a new game mode. or C. PvPvE

–A. For content I think it would have to be pretty huge, such as the introduction of a new faction and would have to have a lot of work behind hyping it up. The content would also have to have a much stronger narrative element than what we have seen so far to be compelling. The faction could be many things, but gene stealers or orks seem most probable.

–B. For new game mode it would make some amount of sense to have something like Chaos Wastes with its procedural levels, either on a space hulk or in a hive city as they make good locations for procedural generation. The procedural nature can also increase player retention. It could be fused with the regular game mode by making the procedural maps appear as missions on the regular mission board.

–C. PvPvE. This may have the most potential for a huge recovery as a lot of people gave this game a pass due to it being PvE only. But its hard to know how good this could be as FS hasn’t released a PvPvE game mode before. They had a PvPvE in development for vermintide, but it never came out. In theory this game mode could be amazing in Darktide because Darktide has exceptional mechanical gameplay, and the traitor guard faction is really well suited to being playable.

I’m a fuc*ing big fanboy of this game (372h), but i dont play since 1month now cause they destroyed the community in many ways (of my own little hard gamer community none play it anymore atm), then, now … You see how they snob us with shitty communication, today i changed my steam evaluation to negativ one.

AFAIK they already mentioned on Discord - not their official forums, because they never mention anything official here - that there’s a hotfix scheduled for next week. I don’t know how hot it needs to be to fix everything.

I’ve been hearing about vs mode “COMING SOON” to VT2 for about five years now and frankly, including it in any way that can’t be made entirely optional would turn me off of the game for good. If it’s taken this long for it to still not be in VT2 i have a hard time seeing it as anything other than a drain on their resources. They need to fix what’s broken and unfinished before they start adding more systems.


You are in a thread discussing if or what will bring back players. I don’t think fixing and finishing the game is going to make any significant difference to player count, but it would need to happen first of all of/c

I would come back if they fixed what’s broken and incomplete, not if they added pvp (which would almost assuredly be a mess considering how the rest of the release has gone) before doing that.

In fact, “I don’t plan on playing the game until XYZ is fixed” seems to be the general sentiment among the negative reviews and complaints around the game.

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It would be unacceptable if they didn’t fix the game first before doing stuff like that, but it’s pretty meaningless for bringing back players, at most there may be a slight rise.

It’s going to take something much more for a Immortal Empires style recovery

My faith they can do that is pretty in the gutter r/n

I guess we will see

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