How I would improve/rework some boons/traits in Chaos Wastes

I think it’s okay to have boons that aren’t as generally good as other boons, but I don’t believe they can’t fit into niche or quirky build setups depending on other combinations of upgrades that players may have acquired along a run. I also realize that proposed changes would probably most likely almost certainly just make the power ups too strong.

Esmeralda’s Solace

CURRENT: Reviving a teammate grants both of you health regeneration for 15 seconds.
REWORK: Reviving a teammate grants both of you 3 seconds of invincibility.

While health regen in of itself is a strong thing. In the CW with many sources of healing buffs, THP, and regenerative items, it’s a situational and overall not useful boon to have COMPARED to other more powerful and easier to access sources. Also Zealots hate this boon.

Having invincibility over HP regen allows a successful revive to give players an opportunity to get their bearings, create space and generally assist in making a comeback in dire situations. Hand Maiden and Mercenary players can surely make safer and successful plays off of this boon and Merc would actually have a reason to take On Yer Feet Mates!. It will not, however, prevent you from being kicked when your teammates find out that you dared to pick On Yer Feet Mates!

If the duration were any longer, I think the boon would warrant being a higher tier boon.

Ptra’s Endurance

CURRENT: Standing still grants you 60% damage reduction.
REWORK: Standing still for 2 seconds grants you a 40% damage reduction buff for 3 seconds.

Instead of removing one of your most powerful defensive tools to get this buff (Movement) as a tradeoff for a buff that is actually less useful than said defensive tool. This conditional buff only asks that you find an opportunity to stand still temporarily and gain a buff that also allows you to play more aggressively into tougher foes.

The situations that this buff would be more useful in are for instance, being cornered and needing to use a certain item/skill/attack that would leave you open to getting hit but allow you to escape. It could help revive teammates, especially when a player is going for risky revives which could also leave them open.

The Great Maw’s Resurgence

CURRENT: Gain 2 Health each second if below 30% Health.
REWORK: Regenerate 1 Health increased by 100% for every 20 health based on total missing health stacks up to 4 times.

A sort of safety net boon in which if a player is taking lots of damage through something like a Nurgle Blight level or a Khornado level and just needs something to keep them going. It’s effectiveness is proportionate to how many mistakes are made and lets players who are either taking a beating in the front lines or just take a lot of chip damage throughout to recover when a level is particularly brutal.

I will forthrightly admit I made this boon outright stronger than it’s current iteration and for that I propose that it becomes an exotic boon just because having that power of adaptive Regen deserves to be a top tier boon.

I am also aware that this boon just kills Shallya’s Rejuvenation. And for that I say yes because I think Shallya’s Rejuvination actually deserves to be a lower tier than it’s current iteration as far as boons go.

Atharti’s Vigour

CURRENT: Healing an ally with a health pack grants both of you 20% Power for 40 seconds.
REWORK: Healing an ally with a health pack grants both of you a permanent boost of 10% power and damage reduction for the remainder of the level. Can Stack

Yes the gears are turning in your head right now. You’re saying that as long as I have healing packs on hand, I can just keep using them to buff me and my friend infinitely? Yes. Is it OP? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Is it unfair? You bet your SIGMAR DAMN ASS it is.

And again, alone this boon does have niche use in generic play on it’s own. But because of how a certain boon that allows one to duplicate items exists, it’s POTENTIAL skyrockets through the roof. if players wanted to, they could buff they hell out of each other and abolutely make runs irrelevant provided they get that combination of boons. May make the game unfair, but honestly, the fact that FS still allows players to farm coins on Slaanesh levels (to what limit I admit IDK) tells me that if it’s not something they’re actively worrying about, neither should we.


CURRENT: Each headshot increases the damage of the next attack by 10%. (up to 20 times). If you hit an enemy anywhere other than the head, 1 stack gets removed.
REWORK: Each headshot increased the damage of the next attack by 10% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Now a strong contender for a conditional DPS boost and now easier to maintain. Never liked how it punishes you for not achieving headshots or in some cases, would be detrimental if you tried to force yourself to maintain it.

Anath Raema’s Swiftness

CURRENT: Picking up ammunition grants 50% decreased reload time for 10 seconds.
REWORK: Gaining ammunition grants 50% decreased reload time for 10 seconds.

Simple change to give usability to all careers that can generate ammo but not an ammo pickup. Basically to make it so Bardin isn’t the only one that can actually make use of this trait. Unless this is one of those traits where FatShark miswords it or the actual mechanic is different from description.

Ualapt’s Cunning

CURRENT:Picking up ammunition grants 15 health.
REWORK: Gaining ammunition grants 15 health.

Same concept as above, lets heroes who generate ammo benefit from the effect of these boons and not just Bardin.

Gork’s (or possibly Mork’s) Might

CURRENT: Pushing an enemy makes you do a short charge forward.
REWORK: Pushing makes you do a short charge forward. Enemies that are pushed are dealt damage.

Now allows just normal action of pushing without needing a target so players can movetech with this boon. Damage is for an incentive to take it and can help players push through hordes.

Miracle of Ulric

CURRENT Permanently increase your current weapons’ Power by 50. Costs 100 Pilgrim’s Coins.
REWORK Adds a permanent base power increase to your hero by 50. Costs 150 Pilgrim’s Coins.

Why would you ever take this if you didn’t have a 700 let alone 600 weapon? At least with the proposed change you can benefit from this with leftover coins and give your team a nice top-off of power permanently.

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