How I Would Adore the Customization System to Work

How I Would Adore the Customization System to Work

So my suggestion is nothing mind blowing new but something warhammer fans should be able to relate to.
It’s very simmilar to this:

  • [Materials 1-4] You have a few customisble slots for example: armor, main clothing, secondary clothing/s and fancy lining/s.
    Every slot can only be filled be pretailored fitting colored fabrics. Meaning no clothing on armored parts etc. The Waystalker would have different barks to choose from in the armor slot while the Footknight has some metals.

  • [Badges] There should be a slot (in my wildest dreams) that changes the most visible insignia and maybe parts of the fancy lining.
    Footknight for example proudly wears the emblem of Taal’s horn keep (I imagine at least) he could wear the one of Ostland or his vanquished old corps, Reikland, Helmgart, Uberskeik, Ussingen, Bögenhafen, Stormdorf, etc.
    Witch Hunter has a fancy lining that reads: SIGMAR SIGMAR SIGMAR… you could do KARL FRANZ - KARL FRANZ - KARL FRANZ … or non text deco.

  • [Patterns] This would be +ultra changing mainly how main and secondary fabric is applied. I do not expect this.

Hats obviously use this system as well and will automatically match your clothing.
Vermintide 1 skins won’t use this system just like they can’t wear hat’s.

What happens with the unlockable skins and drops?
They are changed to unlockable insignia and fabrics.

Why do I propose this? I mean isn’t this just feedback containing only solutions that obscures the underlying problem?
Because your skinning system is incredibly lame. If you would have actually created matching skins containing at least one change in every module listed above this would not even be a thing. You could have made really awesome reskins that were not bound by anykind of rules like this but the fact is you didn’t you choose recolors with small fabric changes here and there. So I am proposing a way that you could take from this point onward that would reap the best results in my opinion.
You also have already done a similar thing for hoods, you have probably done something similar internally in order to properly create the different skins up to now and you really need to do this for the hat / skin combination anyway (If you are being honest) so doing this is not such a stretch.

I am not demanding this has to be done.
The game is great and fashiontide is not the most important part of it but it is a part of it unlike keep decorations.

It would be appreciated if any of the devs would contribute his subjective and liability free opinion.


Look, if we’re down to having recolors as our only real cosmetics options, then I’d rather bloatfish spend 10 minutes a piece on each rather than have to witness the visual cacophony of putrid garbage that every other player will turn their characters into. It’s bad enough that we’re wielding lightsabers thanks to how the reds, and now the DLC illusions work - please, let at least some aspect of our playable characters look remotely reasonable.

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That was my thinking as well but…
The red armors look ugly as hell (the ones that really are armors).
The collector green is :face_vomiting:.
Don’t get me started on the locked ones.

If you wanted to be ugly it’s quite possible already but I haven’t noticed people specting for it.
As long as black and gold stay the reward for legend you are probably only going to see people in black gold and one additional color.

Overhauling skins also gives you the opportunity to correct mistakes.
And it’s possible to restrict combinations but then again the above … well were talking about … no that’s not really gonna cut it.

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Oh yeah, fatfish have already created some truly garbage skins, but dear gods, you’re suggesting that the players get to mix and match different PARTS? Right now, when someone looks like a walking garbage can, they at least look like a consistent garbage can.

Plus, let’s be real, no way in hell can these devs even come close to pulling off such a system. They just can’t do it.

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