How does player color in game work?

I mean the color of your name in the kill feed. This seems to match the color of your class icon in the bottom left as well, but color doesn’t seem to correlate with class. It’s also not unique between players. Does anyone understand how this color is chosen and if it relates to anything?

It’s randomized, when really it should be set by players.


Pretty sure it’s bugged, I’ll see someone ping a location and it’s my color instead of theirs.

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I’ve seen the game assign the same color to three people in the party at the same time.

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I hope it’s bugged and not so poorly designed, often players have seems to have the same colors.

Its just random so multiple people can put marks down at once without it getting to confusing. Lots of little bugs about atm for instance when I try to tag ammo for someone else to grab my guy says “I need that”! now and then.

In most public games your lucky if anyone marks anything most of the time anyway lol

Yeah i know multiple people can have the same colour. Marked a scripture earlier and someone marked the lift for everyone to get in and we had the same colour.