How do you see the new career of Saltzpyre?



That seem very chaosy

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I’ll just add on to the conspiracy:


  1. Mercenary - Neutral ending
  2. Hunter - Good ending
  3. FK - Bad ending


  1. RV - Neutral ending
  2. IB - Good ending
  3. Slayer - Bad ending


  1. WS - Neutral ending
  2. HM - Good ending
  3. Shade - Bad ending


  1. WHC - Neutral ending
  2. BH - Good ending
  3. Zealot - Bad ending


  1. BW - Neutral ending
  2. Pyro - Good ending
  3. UC - Bad ending

Now, the 4th has been them finding their true calling, true self or maybe offspin.

Krub - Bretonnian blood made him GK
Bardin - Became an engineer
Kerri - Ariel’s handmaiden

I’d assume next Saltz’s and Sienna’s careers will fall into this category.


So Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Or if meme, Steam Tank Operator), and something Sienna has always wanted to be ?

Anybody has any idea ? Apart from the whole setting the world in fire, and achieving balance I suppose ?

Well, this whole normal, fallen, ascended theme for the careers has been talked about before and partially it works. However, in the end it falls short. Let’s begin with a career where it works but where your order seems off:

Mercenary, the man doing stuff for money seems correct and is in line with his Vermintide 1 career. However, why for xxxx’s sake is Hunter the “Good ending”. Huntsman is basically his turn away from society and let them rot career. On the other hand the Footknight is the protector of people by serving the Empire once again, a career much more fitting for a “good ending”. Grail Knight is the extension of that concept.

I also don’t know why Bounty Hunter is the good ending. Because he freed himself from the burden of the order? In line with his character it would be WHC being the good ending while BH is more neutral but it doesn’t fit within the first three careers.

For Sienna it is equally. Bright Wizard is the one with the most control and would be more fitting for a “good ending”. I am not sure if Pyromancer would count as being a better version of herself. If anything it more seems like step towards more craziness.

As for the fourth careers it is hard to put into words what the direction here is. It is not really going for a noble cause as Bardin acts more out of regret and Kerillian out of necessity. It could simply be called rising up to the challenge with Kruber and Kerillian borrowing more godly power. What the three careers have common so far, is breaking clean with their past to some degree. For Kruber it was his ancestry even if he didnt know about. For Bardin it has to do with his feeling of regret/guilt for his past decisions. And for Kerillian it is about taking courage and facing whatever she has seen in Athel Loren and returning there.

For Sienna it will most likely be similar with her fourth career revolving around her Estalian roots and her twin sister. I am not sure if Saltzpyre would fit into such a concept because I think his fourth career will be tied to the Citadel of Eternity and whoever they spoke too there. So if there is not some crazy backstory from the past with his father or the order I am not sure it would tie in. Then again, there is the mining story which would serve well for this cause. Not sure how to connect those scenes though.

Righteous? Doing the correct thing but not being bound by conventional rules and law? I think Sienna has the strongest sense of justice / helping people in the group however does not like the self-righteouness the Sigmarians and similar are showing.


Ah yes, the Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

I still know how we wanted to have one in Vermintide 2, how we all expected at least Salty to get that career. But what did we got instead? Zealot.

So its pretty fair to assume that the Warrior Priest of Sigmar, which is literally the most popular empire character, would come so late into the games lifespan without any proper support for a career like this beforehand.

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Hello, I think Saltzpyre must become a warrior priest. He does not have a choice. After becoming a fanatic, then a witch hunter and bounty hunter, he must become warrior priest. It is must become a support class. His ultimate skill calls upon sigmar to heal and revive his friends. The divine light that is in him allows him to project the light of Sigmar like lightning from a distance. He can only use melee weapons. here is my opinion.

How do you see the new career of Saltzpyre

with one eye.


How is it you see worse with two eyes, than I with ONE!?!?!?


What do you mean? Saltzpyre is no fanatic, clearly he’s the most sane, righteous and faultless leader of U5.

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possibly a reference to the new saltzpyre being different from his norm its not a strong hint but it may be something different then a warrior priest if it’s gonna be different from the norm.

I was banking on this until I learned characters are supposed to say things when they complete Chaos Expeditions

Seems like red herrings all the way down.

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He could very well be referring to the whole Citadel of Eternity expedition. He has a banter when in CW with Sienna, where he answers her question on why he of all people leads them into the chaos wastes with “I need to be more flexible.”.

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My guess is Blackguard, with a fear-based passive and career skill. Perhaps the passive reduces enemy damage and movement speed, and the career skill forces nearby enemies to flee. The vow of silence might cause issues though…

They don’t necessarily have the vow of Silence, it’s kinda like with Nuns, the vow of silence is very rare, other notable vow:

Vow of Sacrifice: Wouldn’t really work, Saltz isn’t in a Temple

Vow of Stoicism: Can be played well, but it would be difficult to make it work (No joke of laughing, but can be unintentionally funny)

It’s not like Saltz ever jokes anyway.