How can you improve the Eviscerator further?

This is my message to Fatshark.
Greetings to everyone reading this topic.
First of all, I want to apologize for my English, it is not my native language.

I, like many people here, am a big and long-time fan of Warhammer 40K.
As a fan of 40K, I am very upset by how many iconic weapons from my beloved universe are implemented here. In this post I want to talk specifically about chain weapons, namely the eviscerator.
Well, technically, what we see in the game is not an eviscerator, but an ordinary heavy chainsword. But that’s not about that now. The problem is that in its current form, these weapons are no good. It has too little damage, low attack speed, and also has the common problem of all chain weapons in the game: a long special attack that literally almost paralyzes you.
My proposal for a comprehensive redesign of this weapon, stemming from my experience playing this and other games of a similar genre:

  1. Moveset. Light attacks - convert to only horizontal, right and left. Heavy attacks: vertical only. It should look something like the executioner’s sword from VT2.
  2. Special attack. While accelerating the chainsaw, the weapon should not stick to targets during light attacks, but only deal damage and knockback. Exception: carapace armor. That is, you can’t just fit into a mixed crowd anymore. The special attack for heavy attacks should bite and stick (in any target) and do a lot of damage to a single target in the process. Designed to kill the elite.
  3. Blessings. I mentioned earlier that all chain weapons have one problem in common: you can’t move while sawing the target. At this time, the rest of the enemies, who at high level (even malice+) never walk in small groups, throw punches at you. Because of this, the special attack on him is not used very often. So here it is. All chain weapons, including the eviscerator of course, need a blessing, which will reduce the incoming damage you take while you saw the target. For example, reducing toughness damage by 50%. This will allow you to use sawing much more often, but with much less risk (but will not eliminate the risk completely).
    Ideally, I see the eviscerator redesigned in this way, like an executioner’s sword, adapted to local realities, as I previously mentioned. A weapon well suited for fighting crowds and elite targets, but not at the same time. Also, it requires a certain skill.

I invite other participants to join this topic and take part in the discussion. After all, the more people like them (or they offer their ideas), the more likely it is that Fat Shark will pay attention and decide to accept something from it.


This man gets it.

While I agree activation based weapons could use some sort of rework, both the Chainsword and the smol Eviscerator are very strong right now. While I’m personally not a fan of the chain sword it specifically is amazing right now.

If you run a crit build or rampage this isn’t a problem. Crit builds have high damage and cleave,and can spam Fury of the Faithful for the attack speed bonus. Non crit builds can use rampage and either Inexorable Judgement or Martydom to further increase attack speed and damage.

If rampage gets nerfed/fixed and the Evi doesn’t get its base stats changed than there will be problems.

I’m fine with the current moveset of the smol Eviscerator. If there is going to be a moveset change than I believe it should be implemented as a new weapon mark rather than changing the exising one.

With all due respect, I believe this is a “skill issue.” Or more specifically, people need to spend more time learning the timings and proper positioning to use them. The special attacks are some of the most powerful aspects that chain weapons have in the game right now.

However I do think this is an interesting compromise, even if 50% damage reduction is a little too high imo. There’s a large opportunity cost there, that skilled players can have a more optimized and powerful weapon without the need for the blessing but would be helpful to people learning the blessing. Maybe could he worked into the Rev it Up Blessing so it could have more universal usage.


I’d like if it did a bit more damage to ragers and/or if shredder did more damage to carapace.

I’d also like if slaughterer and/or head taker were in the blessing pool.

add about 3 feet to the model and up the range.


First of all: make it bigger. Eviscerator is huge. The weapon needs to be slow, but heavy hitter, like XSword in Vermintide. It needs to feel impactful.

The moveset from XSword would also feel nice; we can also reverse it: light attack would be better for elites/single enemies and heavy attack would be designed to cut down through swathes of enemies.

I am also struggling a bit with the “power-up” mechanics on chain/power weapons. The special attack activation interrupts the flow of melee a lot. I would welcome a mechanic that would allow you to power the weapon “on the fly”. To make it more skill-based, you would have a certain time frame mid-swing to power-up. If you miss it, you character does normal power-up, interrupting the flow of combat again.


This is not a problem with the weapons, its a skill issue. Its inarguably the best part of the weapons because it gives risks for rewards and is very engaging. You also CAN move, just not far or fast.

Also its too small


The buff the weapon needs is to lenght and girth.


God thank you for making this post. I can’t stand the Evis atm because of these issues. Its crazy to take so much damage while using the special and not being able to move. I get that it would be broken otherwise but for me that is the 2nd biggest problem. The 1st? The weapons hit box(Idk what you would call it). Its verrry thin. The chainsword doesn’t have this problem. Sure im swinging 3 or 4 times after clearing heretics from my view but i’ve never had an issue where my attacks miss with a enemy right in front of me except with the Evis. It chinks my bones and rattles my teeth when this happens and it happens waaaaaaay more than it should!

The only buff it needs is a fix to FotF interaction. It needs to gain the damage boost for the full sawing duration not just the initial hit as currently. In melee range, you can tech around it by activating FotF “after the hit”/during sawing, but it should be fixed.

I would also like to see the activated heavies dealing even more damage to chaff.


Its actually way weirder than that. FotF does improve damage for the whole saw but it does more on some targets if you activate it before but on other targets if you activate it after. Its pretty nutty how it works. Flak, for example, benefits from hitting FotF before you hit them while maniacs benefits from after.


I approve.


Anything relating to movesets should really just be a different mark or reserved for “true” Eviscerator.


The rager HP buff gutted my desire to use the chain weapons. Needing 2 special hits to kill one? Yeah, no. Fatsahrk messed up big time with this rager buff.

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Elite HP boost was great. The only problem is that they forgot to buff TH special and Evis special with it.


They really just need to fix how FotF effects chain weapon special attacks, it is far too inconsistent because yeah, some targets you only get the increased damage, auto-crit, and armor downgrade on the initial impact no matter when you ult and on others it effects the entire attack (which causes aforementioned nutty damage).


Fair enough.

So let’s name our chain weapons properly.

Chainsword - > Chainmachete

Eviscerator - > Chainsword

Now we just add an Eviscerator with properly satisfying l e n g t h and girth and we are good.

Also give Chainaxe some love, that is the true weapon of angry Khor… ekhm Emperor worshipping zealot, not some sneaky butter knife.


I would also like a proper Sergeant Chainsword, not the baby paddle we have now.


Screw chainaxe, I just want that thing maulers are using in ogryn size.


From design standpoint it’s not eviscerator, yes.

Damagewise this big-chainsword is fine, they should just fix bleed bug.

This. Give it huge-ass damage, adjust attack speed and mobility, or even go for crazy things like remove block and give it parry with tight window. High risk - high reward. Fits zealot to play as crazy martyr and fanatic.


Please dear god no that is the most bland cookie cutter moveset a weapon can have. Don’t blandify a weapon I enjoy.

As has been said by others this is not an issue, it’s very possible to adjust to it and use the rev attacks frequently even on top difficulty. As with your first point you’re just asking for the weapon to be less interesting and require minimal brain use to play.

This post feels to me like you picked up Evicerator for like 3 games total then sat down to write this post.

Evic is generally in a good spot at the moment, my only complaint is Rager break points being screwed by elite HP increases. Evic shouldn’t require Ult up one shot a Rager and I hope they fix that. Otherwise great weapon.


Yup. The issue was (allegedly) that ragers were to oeasily dispatched but now the thunder hammer special doesn’t one-tap them (without a crit) which feels wrong. It means they are, to the thunder hammer, effectively faster crushers (since typically TH two-taps crushers unless you are running some very specific builds that manage a one-tap after the nerf). The evicerator and other chain weapons need 2-3 special hits which is not in any way okay. All they had to do is tweak the maniac damage of their special weapon actions (like the TH has for unyielding, carapace, and monstrosity with its special, heck the fact TH has a monstrosity boost means they can actually give weapons boosts to more than just armor classification via the weapon special action).

Did ragers need a buff, probably. Was this the way to do it? Hell no. Now we have to fight 6-10 ragers that are 50% harder to kill than before when we only had to deal with 6 max typically.

Other than on rages, the evicerator and other chain weapons are actually in a really good spot right now.