How about replace ammo regen talents and traits with something like this?

How about just make a talent or trait that gives you about 10% of ammo when kills specials and/or elites?

Such a talent would be the only choice. Compared to Conservative Shooter, for example, there’s no contest.

Ammo sustain is what sets ranged careers apart from melee careers. Why would I play Huntsman if I can get essentially limitless ammo as a Mercenary? Or Waystalker instead of Shade?

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There’s already a problem with talents being tied to specific enemies (elites/specials)
This will negatively affect players at lower difficulties due to the lack of elites and specials and result in more green circle issues, players getting competitive over elite/special kills.

It would also be too strong in higher difficulties, certain deeds/twitch and modded realm.

I just want a complete rework of properties and traits or go back to more of a V1 system.

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