How about giving Ranger access to drakefire pistols like in VT1? And throwing axes for IB

Since we’re talking experimental beta stuff we used to be able to use drakefires in VT1 and I don’t see why RV couldn’t use them now, especially after acknowledging Bardin as being a former ironbreaker.

The only possible sticking point is the interaction with talents. Most of them work fine, but the one that gives you power for being out of ammo wouldn’t function (unless they got rid of that one I forget). And RV’s main draw is ammo sustain which drakefires do not need. (then again throwing axes don’t need ammo either).

I think it would work.

On a related note I don’t see why IB can’t use throwing axes either, he would get three of them just like Slayer.


I think they should reconsider some weapon restrictions in genereal. Why giving footknight the bretonnian greatsword for example and on the the time denying the bretonnian sword and shield? Being honest, this just seems lazy to me.

It’s not like I can just refund the dlc and keep the weapons, there’s no point and it’s not thematic at all. I suppose the reason they don’t give RV the drakefire weapons is they’d burn him up real bad and a lot of his talents and passives wouldn’t benefit them at all. I think I’d prefer to get dual repeater pistols for Bardin in the Chaos Wastes DLC instead.

As for throwing axes on Ironbreaker, I don’t suppose there’s any harm, I think most players are accurate enough with crossbow and rifle that they practically have infinite ammo. I’ve certainly never run out using crossbow and ammo on headshot on any career

Alot of passives and talents don’t effect rv’s ranged options anyway so you comment goes into no where here …

This isn’t about keeping ammo, it’s about weapon diversity nothing else.

Why would RV even want to use Drakefire Pistols? He can actually sustain ammo for Grudgeraker, which is a far superior weapon in pretty much every way that matters when ammo isn’t a concern anymore. And they don’t synergise with any of his talents at all, unlike the other ranged weapons. They’d be a pretty poor choice on him…

It’s probably because an empire knight using a shield with bretonnian heraldry wouldn’t be lore friendly, whereas the longsword isn’t a big deal because a sword is a sword. IIRC games workshop has final say on all aspects of the game in regards to the lore and that would stretch things a bit too far. On the other hand the idea that Ironbreakers can’t or don’t know how to throw an axe is pretty laughable lorewise. So it works both ways, sometimes it supports the idea and sometimes it doesn’t.

Ideally there would be no weapon restrictions because more class/weapon combinations adds up to more gameplay players can experience and enjoy. It seems like the reason IB can’t use throwing axes is just that he already has “too many”, but that’s not a complain you’d ever hear from a player I think.

Well Bardin was able to use drakefire weapons all through Vermintide 1 when he was just a Ranger instead of a Veteran Ranger, so it’s definitely lore friendly. The lack of relevant passives/talents is kind of an issue but mutually exclusive weapon/talent combos are nothing new. If you took drakefires or throwing axes you can’t pick up your own ammo drops, but that just leaves more for the rest of the party.

More dwarfy engineer type weapons would be awesome now that you mention it.

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I want a shotgun equipped with a grenade launcher that consumes bombs (just put it on the special attack button). Would make the Scavenger and Parting Gift talents even better. Hopefully, it would give bombs greater range and maybe the launcher would automatically apply Explosive Ordnance to bombs to make them more devastating.

You make a good point there. To be honest, they could just rework his 50% extra ammo to also include extra overcharge meter or heat reduction or even increase the speed of venting and reduce the damage taken while doing so. It actually wouldn’t be hard to make it work with him. As for the ammo drops, guess it’s just more ammo for the rest of the team. For the reload talent include venting as well?

Yeah reload speed talent could translate into increased venting speed. IIRC that’s another mechanic that used to be a thing in Vermintide 1 as a weapon trait but only Sienna has venting talents now.

So you just need to change it slightly to read “reload and venting speed increased by _____”.

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