Hotfix #23 (1.2.1)

That’s a proper RIP moment, man.

At first I thought this was an issue with running the extra loadouts mod, but no, can confirm the patch deletes them even if you’re not running it. +1



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Where muh loadouts??

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Seems like this could be attributed to a number of bugs that have been reported.

Any idea if that would affect this behavior I had reported? I had stopped using revolver because of it, but if this fix should correct that issue I am happy to spend some time playing with it to see if there is any reoccurrence.

I guess blessing text fixes, non functional talent fixes and some balance changes was too much to expect at this point. I regret being excited when I saw this posted.


This patch has seemingly tanked XBOX performance.
On a series X and in performance mode it is now borderline unplayable.

UPDATE: second time launching the game resulted in solid performance. Who knows…

How is your general performance on Xbox since the patch? I can barely play.

John Cena Sock


Yeah, you’re too optimistic. It’ll take least 2 months for them to work on that and will you look at that, it’ll be xmass holiday again.

It’s how game builds shaders, every patch tanks everyone’s performance until game after few missions rebuilds them.

So expect performance to tank every update.

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Yeah it’s just from what one of the testers have said there’s already a bunch of fixes and changes in the test branch that would be very nice to have on live. Like fire frenzy being returned to a damage bonus rather than fire rate.

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Still 2 months. Fatshark has never been rapid in deployment of stuff like that. And it’d be fine, IF F-ING LOOT AND CRAFTING SYSTEM WASN’T HOT CRAP GARBAGE!

Please tell me that these aren’t the same Community Testing Team that brought us what we have now.


I am so sick and tired of updates deleting all my loadouts.

This has been the case for every patch since forever but now that builds are significantly more involved to set up, them being deleted is so much more annoying.

Even before update 13, it took a good while to remake all your builds again but now it takes so long that I don’t want to bother with it anymore.
Especially since there’s no telling if & when this will be fixed. Or, god forbid, that this does get fixed and the next patch removes the fix… again.


Yeah… I definitely won’t be making any new loadouts anytime soon.

… this also means I won’t be buying any new cosmetics as I normally do for said new loadouts.

In the end, this is me giving the middle finger to FS until morale improves/FS fixes this issue.


Do this to fix it:

Paste “**%AppData%\Fatshark**” into Run dialog box (Windows key+R) or Explorer window to open that folder.
Delete and/or backup the Darktide sub-folder only, as you see fit.

That folder contains left-over such as various logs which can be quite verbose, crash dumps, USER CONFIGs etc., mine was 150MB.

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i cant launch game second day, crash every time
GUID: 4e4f8197-6a35-439c-a9fe-ca7df0f59a20
Log File:
Info Type:

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This update is their worst yet.
1.) Our loadouts deleted
2.) Difficulty increased
-reapers are now common enemies in Damnation…
3.) New Green aura modifiers that prevents you from staggering problem enemies, thus shutting down your team, and ending runs completely.

I’ll probably be taking a break from this game until they figure out what they want to do. Until then, enjoy the inconsistency, and stupid game-ruining updates.

Basically Blizzard®-level incompetence for balancing their game.

Those two are actually something a great chunk of the community want. More challenge and targets to melt is always welcome.
Don’t you go dissin mah boi Fatshark over this.


never forget that to fix weapons in Vermintide2, that they had to ask the modding community on how to make all weapons viable