Hotfix 1.2.12




i have gibs turned off because i dont like the new surge staff gore now, now its jarring seeing pox burster corpses becuase of this

Thanks for getting this patch out fast!

ET makes way more of a difference than I was expecting that 10% to. Chains very nicely on Heresy at least.


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I think the a fix on how ammo return is calculated (change it to calculate on max total, not max reserve) would benefit plasma gun more than a buff just for it.


Why would you need a plasma buff? Apart from ammo return calculation which hurts my soul plasma gun performs perfectly. As it should.


Plasma weapons pick up ammo packs with only 50% of the recovery of other weapons
Plasma weapon magazines = ammo reserve
Total ammo is clip + reserve.
Ammo restoration aura restores 1% of spare and 0.5% of total ammo.
Small Ammo Pack restores 15% of spare, 7.5% of total ammo
Large Ammo Pack restores 50% of spare and 25% of total ammo.
This is not fair. I hope we can redo the ammunition recovery system


I used to think it needed pruning, but now my opinion is that the auto-includes like being immune to suppression need to be moved to the top of the tree.

You’re right that it’s not fair, but I would argue that it’s actually worse than that: it’s not FUN.

And this is a video game. Not a tabletop. More straightforward rules predominate for a reason.

This is true… and should be corrected by applying 1% of the total ammos (reserve + clip)

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Still runs like dog water on xbox series x and PC.