Hotfix 1.2.12

Devoted Rejects,

Here are the patch notes for hotfix 1.2.12 which just went live on Steam and it will shortly be live on our other platforms.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed a server crash which could happen if the same Veteran player applied the buff on a tag from the “Focus Target!” talent multiple times to the same enemy in rapid succession.

  • Fixed a crash which could happen while inspecting the Talents tree of another player if that player left the Mourningstar.

  • Fixed a crash which could happen if a player left a mission and was replaced by a bot just as the mission ended.

  • Fixed several uncommon crashes.

  • Fixed an issue where the Veteran “Exhilarating Takedown” talent was increasing the toughness damage taken instead of decreasing it.

  • Fixed an issue where the Psyker “Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff” and “Smite” blitz would target random enemy hitzones

Dev note: This resulted in heavily reduced damage when a limb body part was targeted. The on-kill gore effects will still affect different enemy body parts at random, but the damage will be normalised.

  • Tweaked the Psyker “Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff” to always trigger maximum on-kill gore effects on a critical hit kill.

  • Fixed an issue where the progress for collecting Scriptures and Grimoires for Melk’s contracts was no longer tracked.

  • Fixed an issue where the progress of the “Flawless Execution” penances chain was reset after the release of The Traitor Curse Part 1 Anniversary Update.

Dev note: The game will update to the progress value obtained in either up to Hotfix 1.2.03 or in The Traitor Curse Part 1 Anniversary Update, selecting the highest one. We apologise for the issue and for the possible loss of progress.

  • When in unobtained status, the penances in the “Flawless Execution” chain will now display the current value being tracked instead of the best value ever achieved.

Dev note: Previously, the penance UI displayed the value for highest uninterrupted run performed by the player, and did not reset to 0 when the player got downed. This made it difficult to properly check the progress in unlocking the penance, as the actual progress being tracked by the game may not have been the one shown in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the chest would clip through the breastplate of the Zealot “Krieg Greatcoat (Marked by Faith)” cosmetic on female characters.

  • Fixed an issue where the tassel on the “Duellists Autogun” weapon skin was affected by physics incorrectly.


When is the vet tree going to be addressed?


Glad to see the surge staff fix, could we please have an option to have the body explosion always on, though?

It’s hard to tell if an enemy died when they just flop on the floor.


Now trim down the fat on Vets tree, make Ammo aura a base class feature for all Veterans and make some new better auras, a Crit or Weakpoint aura would be nice.


there you go, world saved

it only happened to me only once, it was funny because of the circumstances, but then i chain crashed 3 more times when trying to log back in, that part wasn’t funny

That’s a done deal, Fatshark is happy with the new tree state, there is nothing to be addressed

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where are the fixes for eviscerator :pensive:

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Any update on the most recent patch messing up controller inputs on Steam? All inputs/no inputs are being read as Left Movement.

Thanks for the Exhilarating Takedown and Surge Staff fixes.


Into the trash vet goes.


Cool, now do something with the veteran class. It sucks a lot. Remove the useless keystones and bring back the old tree.

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Thats quite idealistic, i would be just happy if they just remove a cuple of perks so i can finish my build

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nah keep the keystones, but slim the tree down, toom many meh nodes like first right node sprint cost reduction

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turn off ragdoll interactions, helps alot and also gives u bonus fps xD

To everyone rejoicing that Surge has been fixed:

Well… maybe not exactly ‘fixed’:


It’s already off, but I think there’s some problems with the display of the skill.

I think what’s being shown and what’s really happening do not match: there are enemies being hit that keep walking and attacking, and there are enemies detached from any lightning stream that are being shocked.

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Thats right, NEVER TRUST PATCH NOTES, thats the rule number 1 in this game apparently

they did the same with the pox burster stagger resistence, they kept addressing it in multiple patch notes untill it was fixed later on

oh and don’t get me started on the flying dogs controvercy


Yeah, I was just about to go to the psykanium to test it because I was still noticing some headshots.

I just file it under ‘fatshark quality control’.

It’s a joke at this point.


eeeh? never happened to me thou… may be lags?