Hotfix 1.1.3


Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.1.3 which just went live on Steam and will be available shortly on the Microsoft Store!

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when looking at the new penances.
  • Fixed an obstruction before the drop to the mid event in the Power Matrix HL-17-36 mission when playing with the Power Supply Interruption condition.
  • Fixed clipping issues for the “Desolation” Cap cosmetic in the “The Kalidar Wars” bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where “Invert Look Y-Axis” was not working as intended.

Mission Board Changes:

  • The increased presence of Ascension Riser 31 on the Mission Board will end after deployment of the 1.1.3 Hotfix.
  • Power Matrix HL-17-36 is once again available to play on the Mission Board.

Sweet! Question: Any update on that glitch that prevents people from adjusting their loadout in the pre-game lobby?


what about the pre game lobby gear change bug?


It’s being worked on!



Your other stuff hardly matters. Quit being anti player.


Awesome! Thanks for the info.

Quit crying and just reroll lmao. Quit being anti game.


hi when is the beard clipping for the CRUCIS SEPULTURUM-ISSUE SHADOWVEIL psyker hood gonna be fixed?

well atleast that maps off rotation. rediculous having so many low difficulty games up at all times. new map is residentsleeper


Well yes, but there honestly are way too many layers of RNG, combined with high material costs to see what exactly you’ve rolled. Melk is RNG, blessings and perks are RNG, the initial modifiers are RNG, and then when you can adjust what you have it’s limited only to half of the weapon’s things. This is completely ridiculous once one realises that it needs to be done with all of the weapons one wants to use and for all of their different characters. As such, it actively discourages people from using different loadouts, so it’s outright counterproductive to increasing player retention, as different playstyles keep the game fresh and fun for longer.

In my opinion, modifiers can stay entirely RNG, but we really need a way to get rid of locks. They could be removed from the game entirely, but I think that’s unlikely given that it appears to be designed to increase playtime. I’d say being able to remove them with diamantine would work, there would still be some “playtime cost” to it.

Oh, and with the material costs too, consider that losing in this game is fairly frequent on high difficulties and the missions tend to take over 20 minutes and at least 15. The materials gained upon loss are low, and even with a win on Damnation with pick-ups cleared you don’t always get enough to max out a weapon’s rarity.

Aaaand 2nd addendum: once one rerolls a perk enough times to make rerolls free, it should really just become a list of the highest tier perk effects to choose from. There is literally no point to the mindless clicking game of rolling the trait again and again to get the right one if there is not even anything at stake, and it’s the definition of “repetitive action”.


Please have a hi shock gauntlet for damnation in rotation at all times


And what is with the penances witch are stuck for some players since Preorder-Beta? Is that also being worked on?

I reported this Bug in December, and again a month ago, cant be that hard to fix…

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Obligatory comment:

Can we get any official word on any of these pain points:

1.) Crafting and locks.
2.) Siloed resources
3.) Shirtless
4.) Map selection
5.) Solo mod
6.) Editing all aspects of character after creation
7.) Better bots/ bot customization
8.) Changing load out/character before mission starts
9.) Balancing of weapons, blessings, and perks
10.) Changes to secondary objectives

(Tired of reading this? Well I am tired of writing. Let’s do something about that).


Can you please fix the issue for controller users where the chat window keeps popping up in the middle of combat!

Its not just an inconvenience, at this point the game is virtually unplayable on controller!


Welcome to the club.

Don’t forget to exercise your democratic freedom and vote:


May you now and forever reroll 1000 times for every perk you want


Bro what is up with the crazy presence of the whole #breakthelocks thing? Instead of spending time complaining about a balancing mechanic you should spend time getting better at the game. You do NOT need a good roll to play Damnation lmao.

Edit: I’m not saying the crafting system is perfect, the RNG in general makes it a drag in the case you do want to make a weapon, but the locks? Really? It’s the one mechanic about crafting you can predict and you want it gone because it “ruins” a build? Oooooo noooooo, my locked +1 stamina has ruined my god roll axe with maxed damage and finesse #breakthelocks. Nooooo I only get +10% damage on cleave instead of +5 stacks of bleed oooooooooooooooooooo.


You can’t get better at RNG.

It’s not about beating damnation. It’s about experimenting and trying what you want.

I agree that damnation is too easy. It should be balanced around perfect gear. And the hardest difficulty shouldn’t encourage farming in that area. VT2 was smart enough with how it differentiated legend and cata.


well, yah, the +1 stamina is taking place of a +dmg roll that would meet a 1shot breakpoint. ruined weapon. Move along sir.


Hotfix just to switch map state to normal random boring 0faqs know why?
Fixes are poor excuse compare to perfomance and QoL issues.

Can we have larger choise of avaible missions on map pool? Some maps are fun & some require proper mood to run and some just more awesome with proper status. And since there were many changes we have currently chilling T4 difficulty, which is literaly hard to lose and fun & dandy T5. Which makes current map pool is but a pure excuse.

Don’t take it as insult, just as we did. I see devs are trying hard, just don’t burn out and don’t lose your pace, if you have any…