Hotfix 1.1.22

Not at all. If you think the game is problem, you in fact are the one who is not too far from him. I clearly see the value in this game from where it currently stands. $40 on average with discounts every quarter. The potential playtime of this game far exceeds its monetary value, with some players already hitting 1000+ hours. The game is on track to becoming even better. No toxicity here. Just sayn.

Uh huh. Saying you don’t have a problem with the game, no one would have issues with that. Saying the game doesn’t have problems, that it’s all the community who says there are problems that’s at fault, that’s where I have a problem with you saying that. I thought we were having a decent discussion about the difference until you started calling me, and apparently everyone who disagrees with you, a toxic flamer. Saying that you’re not trying to be toxic doesn’t absolve you from being toxic either.

Maybe if it wasn’t Fatshark’s third game with the exact same scheduling, versioning, patching, bug, communications and other issues there might be a bit more in what you say, but for me I’m a bit tired of them retreading and completely failing to learn from their own mistakes and lessons learnt again and again.

And I don’t see how criticising that is a fault with the community. Are you afraid that if there’s too much criticism they’ll just pack up shop? Are you so afraid of that that you’re willing to parade around trying to try to invalidate criticisms with unrelated metrics?

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