Hotfix 1.1.22

AH well… I thought the heavy swords got the other one which ignores armor hitmass on crit.

Why multiple of the same blessings exist? Considering that you have to get BM for every single melee weapon family, one having a different name is essentially the same thing either way. Both are weird.

I’m literally telling you to take your complaints to where they belong. Do you not understand how this system works? In fact, they don’t even need you to complain about this issue in particular because they’ve been on top of it since the hotfix release.

It’s not “white knighting” it’s maturity and common sense. People make mistakes, I’m certain you make a ton.

Whiney people like yourself are the reason why so many legitimate concerns get buried in these forums. I’ve said it to many others, and I’ll say it again to you. The problem is not this game with a $40 price tag, its YOU. If trivial things like these errors trigger you so badly, which they shouldn’t, you clearly have deeper issues within yourself that you’re not addressing.

A hotfix’s thread is as good a place as any for bringing up issues.


First of all it’s not 40$, they abandoned Steam recommendations about regional prices. In some countries Darktide standart edition price is higher then BG3 price.

Secondly - it’s not about this bug, it’s about lacking of QA and no improvements since V1 times, on that scale they can’t handle even the smallest patches. Re-read, re-read it again. Still not clear? Well you are unteachable then.

And i’m not triggered even, i have concerns about upcoming patch, cause as i said, i play their games since first Vermintide.

Your stupidity is offensive, get blocked buddy.


I consume so I can complain because I PAID with MY MONEY ! So … It’s my right to complain ! lol

Oh yeah, you’re right, they just had it on sale for 33% off.

You’re triggered.

You quote yourself, and reply to it calling yourself stupid. And you block because you can’t handle being wrong.

No, its not. Its simply an announcement thread, intended solely for an announcement. If you have issues, you go to the “report bugs” thread. Speaking from experience, as they’ve fixed several bugs I’ve reported.

I get it, I report bugs when I see them. I’m simply saying this isn’t the thread for it.

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He’s right though. <3

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they deserve the salt, but they don’t deserve toxicity. You can complain all you want, rightfully so, but don’t be a prick about it.


Do you honestly think I’m going to read all that CRAP? Lol I can’t believe you wasted your time like that. You really need to get outside more often and enjoy life.

Lmao more proof that the game isn’t the problem. Its people like that.

As salty/toxic as that rant was, you’re just proving their point by seeming to absolve any issues the game or developers have has by blaming parts of the community.


everyone needs to calm down,

yes this game has problems, i think we can all agree we want it fixed.
im sure we can also all agree we dont like how long its taking to fix the issues.

but is their a chance that perhaps we dont have all the info on whats broken and how to fix it?
is their a chance that their may be something we dont see, something the devs are dealing with?

now theirs a chance they are lazy and not wanting to make this game the best it can be.
but from my experience thats usually how Suits think of their products not the Workers.
i can assure you the Janitor at Google isnt laughing to him self about how Google uses your data.

all im asking is that we all take a step back take a deep breath and try to be constructive.


it’s the game and people like that. tbh you’re not too far off from him. Like, case in point, your reply to him right above mine was pretty toxic too, jus sayn.

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Nah, hes right!

At least test something small and obvious like this. But you can also know it will happen, or even saw it but push it to the next patch like FS obvioulsy!

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At what point do you stop? What’s the cutoff point for something to not be considered “small and obvious”?

Ideally, the scope of a hotfix should be quite narrow (and address critical problems) to minimize the risk and reduce the overhead in terms of testing/release etc.

A change to the stamina curio was required, and the outcome of that was (probably) tested. Someone incorporating changes related to an unreleased feature* is a very different kind of slip-up - it’s a failure of process more than a failure of testing, I would say. The changes made in the hotfix should be based on the released version of the game, but instead appears to be based on a later, intermediate version.

On an unrelated note, I’m kinda confused why FS label this a hotfix (as opposed to a patch). Buffing the stamina perk and minor fixes for cosmetics don’t sound like urgent matters; Curio Reward refining, hard to say how big of a issue this is but it seems like to only one that could qualify as warranting a hotfix. The others could have just waited :person_shrugging:

*I’m using the term fairly loosely here, where the blessing reworks are the feature in question

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It’s been mentioned before that it’s not only a failure of testing, that there are serious structual and process issues all over Fatshark’s delivery pipeline that includes but isn’t limited to versioning, QA/testing and internal comms within and between teams.