Hotfix 1.1.22

No, it wasn’t that widespread before.

It reappearing means they are making actively adjustments to the localization file where these variable strings are referenced or a file relating to it. And as they do it, they must have popped one of the function tables open or misplaced a singular command prompt. That way they accidentally voided all the localization strings within it / before / after it.

Or something with the localization manager. But in all likelihood it’s an error in one of the localization files.

It takes exactly one misplaced commata to screw such things up.

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for all those trying to express how easy it should be to fix an issue and keep it fixed have failed to notice one thing. in many cases choices have to be made to fix items that will help the game more even if it causes an old bug to return.

lets say theirs a bug that effects 5% that has been patched out and fixed before,
however the team has a fix for another issue that 80% of the player base is having "Stamina Bonuses.
its my understanding that fixing the larger issue that effects more people should be used even if it returns an old bug, in this case “the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few.”
it sucks that this happens sometimes but these are the choices companies have to make daily, do you annoy 5% to help 20%, well? … . … . . . YES YOU DO, in the end you will have less people mad at you.

It’s not even that complicated. Often in programming old code breaks, if you are forced to touch running systems. You will add code and references and what not and it’s prone to errors.

Programming is incredibly fidgety, there is zero “intelligence” to this intelligent technology, it does whatever you want it to do, down to 100%. Then, if it encounters any minuscle hiccup on the way, it errors out immediately and aborts the operation.

Picture a really ‘smart’ person, who can calculate everything but always does exactly what you tell it to down to a T. They cannot think for themselves, but are extremely logical. You say “Go forward” and it endlessly marches on. You say “Please stop at the stop sign” and it walks right up to it until it bangs it’s head, because that’s “at the stop sign”.

This is super logical dumb person is every computer ever. Most software bugs in programming are one decimale, commata or bracket missing or some other typo.

I have no issue with bugs happening, it happens. I have issue with them pushing out patches and hotfixes where there are fairly obvious, glaring bugs, however minor, are left in. Doubly so if it’s the same types of bugs over and over again.

Like this seems to be another hilarious issue with versioning, since according to Hotfix 1.1.22 What blessings changed… : r/DarkTide ( the broken tooltips seem to be indicating what the blessings are going to be changed to for the big October patch. I understand groundwork has been done, but why are the tooltips pointing to the new, non-existent descriptions and why was it pushed out. Was it not caught? Was it caught but deemed too low priority? It really makes me wonder what is happening behind the scenes because none of those are a good practice or a good look.


That makes even more sense. They must have mixed up the old and new variables for the localization strings.

I don’t have experience within games development (so I can’t speak to patterns & practices within that domain specifically), but for the software industry as a whole, there’s a vast amount of prior art, so to speak, when it comes to reducing defects/improving quality - I think it’s fair to ask the question as to why we see some issues repeatedly

  • Is it a similar issue with a different underlying cause?
  • Are measures being taken to verify, in an automated fashion, that bugs which have been resolved do not find their way back into the game?

Having said that, I can appreciate that testing games is likely substantially harder than testing web applications, for instance.

looks like we gotta hotfix the hotfix again

Somebody linked this in the reddit post New_Patch_Blessings

Let’s hope they also fix the current bugs in these while they’re at it, like surgical charges resetting while beginning to charge helbores (though shares an exact description of functionality with “pinpointing target”?). Interesting adjustment with brutal momentum, but for some reason shares the exact same function as deathblow. Stripped down actually seems like it could be useful now. “Stacks of {rending:%s} Brittleness” - still seems they couldn’t reconcile rending/brittleness.

It didn’t, all QA members are proud buyers of the Darktide game, beta-testing it before the Xbox release.

You paid for that honor, enjoy.


Unmentioned in the patch notes:

Sustained fire (at least the description) was changed from “… Second and Third shots in a salvo” to “…Third and Fourth shots in a salvo”

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Deathblow and BM have always been functionality identical, I think, so it’s not that surprising (IMO) that this remains true.

Why both blessings exist in the first place though… :person_shrugging:

uhm… yeah it was? every single time the blessing descriptions broke, they broke for every single player. It doesn’t get more widespread than every single player. It also didn’t break in just one single localization either, we’ve seen reports of this bug in several languages.

It doesn’t take much for a bug like this to occur but how many times does it have to occur before someone thinks to check their spelling / punctuations?

This isn’t the only bug that keeps reappearing either. This bug is essentially the posterchild for the entire laundry list of bugs that keep coming back with every other update.

What annoys me to no end is that bugs get fixed (usually not too quickly) but then they get reintroduced to the live game and then they will not get fixed again since someone seems to have checked the bug off of their list. I can’t imagine that it’s particularly fun to have to fix your mistakes over and over and over again, only for them to be unfixed in the very next patch. Another bug that made it back some time ago: not being able to fire your boltgun when activating your ability (veteran). It worked in the beginning, then got fixed a few months in and was reintroduced a couple patches ago and hasn’t been fixed again. Muties are somewhat back to being able to change their path after you dodging them too.

It’s so hard to keep track of which bug is currently fixed / active, it’s really damn annoying.

There is only so much creativity when it comes to “having to add BS to the RNG fluff for the slots…”
If I was given that task, I wouldn’t think too long either.


The original question I was asking was in relation to the number of blessings affected, not the number of players affected.

Well, if they already had Brutal Momentum… why add Brutal-Momentum-but-a-different-name? Duplicating the same blessing under another name is just odd. I don’t expect to ever see an explanation, so it’ll just remain am oddity :joy:

As a game designer myself - I know someone had to sit down at some point and generate a list of these blessings and connect them to the various weapons. But when you look at the whole blessing system, it’s the most haphazardly designed and implemented system.

  • You have blessings where the descriptions are misleading or don’t convey important information about how they actually work.

  • You have blessings using terms that are NOT defined or explained anywhere IN game.

  • You have blessings that are either completely useless based on how the weapon actually works or in some cases are actually detrimental to its performance.

  • You can’t view your blessing library outside of going 90% of the way through the crafting menu.

  • And all of the above makes no mention of the terrible balancing across blessings. A given weapon has 1-3 clearly superior blessings and the rest are mostly junk.

  • And the blessings descriptions break and glitch out on top of it all.

There is a ton of potential for blessings to play a critical role in supporting build diversity, or differentiating weapons in interesting ways. But the system we have is just incredibly badly designed AND executed. Many blessings totally circumvent certain intended weaknesses of a given weapon, making them clearly the best weapons overall since they can now do everything. Really stifles the gameplay.

There’s maybe some logic to the terrible balancing as a way to drive RNG engagement, but that aside it’s still just sloppy work all around.

In my opinion, everything having to do with blessings, including crafting locks by extension, is by far the worst part of the gameplay systems right now. It really needs some attention.


Best case scenario is that the entire itemisation system is a placeholder a la character progression, and they’re working on it in the background. Worst case is that they keep piling in bandaid after bandaid until the system implodes on iteself.


I think he meant widespread as in the quantity of Blessings affected, not the amount of players. The amount of players that is hit with this bug is always the same, which is everyone or no one, since the game code is the same for everybody on the same patch and the source of error is the game code being faulty.

I fully agree. What we see here is the result of multiple things:

  1. No(t enough) streamlined process and standard output format for Blessings and their specifications.
  2. A lack of creativity or creativity being held back somehow, after the first few mechanics were brainstormened. I chalk this one up to time crunch at launch and not having looked much at the Blessings since. Clearly because the Xbox Release and other issues were prioritized.
  3. And too much railroading regarding the Blessing design. Not going wild enough with what they can do with it. To me it feels issues such as game balance are making Fatshark too cautious to experiment with crazy ideas in the Blessings department. Not enough that totally changes or alters the gun and I believe this is also down to the weapon itemization design interfering.
    If every interesting idea that is “too different to be the same weapon” gets a new weapon variant instead of being a Blessing that can be applied to multiple weapons, then this will lead to stale Blessing design.
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I mean I think we can all agree that it’s very easy for unintended things to break unexpectedly with code. That happens all the time.

I think the point here is that since this happened before, and with how visually obvious & widespread it is, it should have also been very easy to catch before pushing out. And that’s kinda concerning.

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Ok fair, that’s my bad.
Yeah then @Mayson is correct, it was maybe 8 or so blessings.

Odd? From a logical perspective, sure. From a perspective of “giving us more options and more build synergies”, not even that bad an idea.

But it’s existance is due to neither of these phylosophies. It’s simple, really: brutal momentum is clearly better in every single case so why does “worse BM” exist? To make it so you have 8 other blessings you don’t want to pull instead of just 7.
Less likely to pull what you want = more time you spend grinding away to get what you want = more playtime out of you. That’s their idea anyways.

You are a stat and they only want your playtime to be as high as possible while doing as little as they have to.



But Deathblow (not to be confused with the blessing that ignores hit mass from armor, that one is junk) is not worse than Brutal Momentum, it is identical. Heavy swords get the former, everything else gets the latter AFAIK. The name is the only difference :person_shrugging:

It makes very little difference at the end of the day, I just don’t see why 2 identical blessings exist

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