Hotfix 1.1.21


Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.1.21 that just went live on Steam and will be out shortly on the Microsoft Store.

Hotfix 1.1.21

  • Fixed an issue where the server could crash when running a mission with the high/low resistance ventilation purge conditions.

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to load into a mission that has already completed.

  • Removed outdated voicelines pertaining to Auric Level Operatives.

  • Fixed missing blessing description for Roaring Advance.


Wait, these weren’t outdated. I’m the auric level operatives now!


Weren’t those Voice Lines about us not being Auric Level ?

Those are general announcements for other non-auric level peasants. Presumably once we are level thirty and/or play our fist auric mission they would no longer apply to us in cases like Chasm Logstratum where they might tell you the ammo isn’t for you. But that seems like it should be effected by progression not wholesale removed.

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My Penance “Traitorus Collective” ist still stuck.

Irony on “Thank you in advance for fixing that in your next Hotfix after i waited nearly 8 months now.” Irony off

Too bad, I always though Auric Level would be some crazy hard new mission down the line of game life jugding by the vox voicelines. But it is what it is.

Then again it still might happen with just diffrent name so I guess nothing gained nothing lost as of yet. Gonna miss them tho, the lines.

It would be odd to play different voice lines to different players and there’s going to be comparatively few missions outide of low tier play where there are no max level operatives on the team.

It’s simpler to just pull the lines entirely than try to code it for a very small minority of cases.