Hotfix 1.0.31+


Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.0.31+ which just went live on the Microsoft Store and Steam.

  • Fixed an issue that caused memory leaks when transitioning between hub and missions (this specific fix went live on Steam yesterday and is included here for Microsoft Store).

  • Fixed crash on Microsoft Store related to fetching privileges, that had a chance to occur when entering a server with more users.

  • We will be resolving an issue where players found they had the ability to equip the Developer portrait frame for their characters. We hope you enjoyed being Fatshark developers for a day! The players who chose to equip the frame will see their equipped frame reset back to the default starting frame once they are removed.

  • Fixed issue with Zealot Preacher Feat “Bloodletting” not activating correctly.


Quick bloodletting fix. That’s nice to see. Still hoping non force weapons get passive quell buffed back up to at least somewhere between where they are now and where they were before.


pleased unfix your quelling fix


No rollback of latest Psyker “fix”. Shame!


Fix is not live on the MS Store for me, yet. :frowning:

restarted PC and now the update is showing up :slight_smile:

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Any chance of a fix to the passive quell speed on non-force melee weapons for Psyker?

Also when re-rolling perks, you now have to manually re-select the perk after each “roll” attempt, so if you’re trying to get a particular tier 4 perk it now takes a much longer time to get it as well as being a lot more frustrating. The whole thing itself was very frustrating before but with this UI re-work it’s even worse unfortunately, didn’t think that was possible! :confused:

While I’m at it, when stripping Blessings from weapons, it only seems to “store” a maximum of 1 blessing of the same type. It would be great if it let you accumulate those blessings, so you can store multiples of them from the same weapon type.


I was actually happy to see that change to passive quell speed tbh.

Felt incredibly stupid for a regular axe to purge peril faster than an actual force weapon lol.

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You only need one of each type. Once you have one, it can be copied over and over again.

So wheres the shared Weapons between characters?
Still no Update…


Will you be fixing the issue in which 85.29% of Psyker weapons have zero synergy with the rest of Psyker’s kit?


Where is the fix for Psykers, @FatsharkCatfish ?
Yesterday you decimated a very dynamic playstyle, effectively dramatically limiting viable and fun playstyles in a game with only four careers, that is in desperate need of allowing different playstyles.


Not to be rude, but have you played much psyker post-patch? Because my playstyle was 100% built around passive quelling on my Antax between bursts of heavy force usage and now…it’s just not much different?

It doesn’t make sense to me that putting hand to axe would extinguish the fires in a psyker’s mind almost as quickly as actively working to quiet the warp. And mechanically it doesn’t make sense either, with active quelling bearing a real cost (vulnerability, no damage output, no cc) while being barely better than passive quelling was.

Active quelling practically never felt like the right choice before, but now I actually weave it into my play. That seems like a substantive, purposeful change to me.


Not to be rude, but I don’t think you were actually playing as aggressively as me and others, and taking full advantage of what you could do. If actively quelling doesn’t feel much different for you post patch, I can guarantee that you have no idea what I and others are talking about.

There’s a huge, enormous, massive difference between being able to help your team in melee whenever you want to, and being able to get off a BB of staff blast when you need to - and what we have now, where you will be stood holding R and not helping your team at all. It’s incredibly clunky and incredibly boring.

No one’s talking about this making Psyker incapable of damnation or anything like that. It’s removed very fun and dynamic aggressive playstyles, and is forcing Psykers into much more passive, and far more boring playstyles.

Especially with Trauma which relies on being close to 0 peril to get off a meaningful number of blasts, this ‘fix’ has completely killed it. If you wade into melee instead of holding R, your peril meter will in no way be ready to start blasting again soon enough. Boring. Clunky. Passive.

Absolute trash design.


Ah the ol’ skill issue paradox. So OP that you’re playing right on the edge of what’s possible, and yet not OP enough to be able to weather a balance pass. I hope you can find your fun out there!


So you’re happy Fatshark nerfed passive quell? Or are you just here to gloat?

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No, I am talking about playstyles, not skill. I am saying that if there is not a big difference for you post patch, then you were not doing the playstyle that me and others were doing. Hence, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Which has nothing to do with skill. People could be absolute sh’it with that playstyle, or really good, or anything inbetween.

Gloat about what? That I’m still enjoying the playstyle that I’m being told is dead/gone/useless/I know nothing about? /shrug


Great, then by all means, continue to enjoy the playstyle rather than tearing down those who are frustrated with the changes.


What for though ?

It would be a lot more convenient to be able to store these together rather than having a lot of clutter with keeping them on random trash stat weapons in my inventory.

I don’t just need one by the way, I’d like to have various blessing combinations on different copies of the same weapon type. If I wanted to reuse a particular blessing, it would mean destroying that weapon.