Hot take: the director feels GOOD now

Naw it is just ragers. I can slap around crushers and maulers despite crushers having gotten a stagger buff, it just takes a couple more whacks than before. Raggers specifically seem to have gotten a big un-noted buff to stagger resist. Heck, sometimes they run right through a chorus pulse and only get staggered on a second pulse.

Anyone else noticed reduced squad banter in the high difficulties since the patch? I was playing the other day with my psyker and just as the mission began he started to say something about the cicatrix maledictum but was promptly cut off as the horns sounded and ragers flooded into the space. That made me notice it, I think the only other time I really hear banter these days is during the brief quiet near the final elevator. Might be partly due to the fact that everyone has been playing carnival which has fast elevator rides I suppose. But I get the overall sense that there is no room for mid-mission banter. Am I imagining it?

On the contrary, it’s the only way the game is really fun. Please continue right in this direction FS !

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Only problem wtih ragers is their ghost reach weapons. Game is fine as is right now, keep it actually hard.

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Bit of a disagree on the director because had it throw a plague ogryn and a beast of nurgle at us at the same time along with a standard swarm with specials on diffculty 3. Not even a high intensity mission either.

This is the opposite of what OP said

Why yes, yes that is the purpose of my statement. I know, shocker. People not agreeing on an online forum.

Because having no one on the map, but only a few very tanky ennemies is definitely fun ? No, i don’t think so “my good sir”.

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VERY petty sir. Flagging that comment? You really do need medical attention.

You’re being very toxic. Imagine telling people who disagree with you they are mentally ill…

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Ofc, cuz melee combat IS FUN (even tho zerkers in V2 are objectively superior enemies to fight compared to DT zerkers)
And then AI director spawns infinite tide of gunners any fun is lost

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My guy you just marked that as spam. You definitely need help. Go touch grass or something.

Ok, correct me if i am wrong, you seem to imply that reducing the viability of weapons would create more build variety, but wouldn’t limiting weapon options create the opposite effect by having less viable weapons to play around with?

Like right now i have several options that are relatively viable even though they are considered non meta, something i enjoy since it allows me to play around with different weapons instead of having to rely on a smaller more specialized arsenal of weapons.

By reducing the amount of viable weapons you might just end up pushing players towards following the meta more and just relying on cookiecutter builds instead of experimenting with other weapon and build combinations.

Honestly, it’s a bit too much now. It was too easy before, no arguments there, but now D-HI feels like D-HI-ST and D-HI-ST is so intense I can’t manage more than one before needing a break. I used to enjoy the challenge of the harder Maelstrom missions but now I don’t even want to try them.

As I say, higher difficulties needed to be harder, and I’m glad horde spawns are back to something resembling pre-xbox release scale, but the sheer quantity and spawn rate of specials is just a bit too much. I’d rather see it toned down a tiny bit so there’s some ebb and flow, not constant charlie-foxtrot for the entire mission.

Yeah it is on (I think) like a 20 second timer for special spawns and essentially every time you encounter roaming elites it triggers a horde or ambush as well. I have watched replays from some very good players playing on pre-mades that often get stuck in one transitional section of a map for 5-10 minutes at a time because of how aggressive the AI director is now. Like, not even at objectives, just going to the next objective, or even the next room.

It is oppressive right now.

I’ll keep saying it: more enemies is not the solution to increasing difficulty. Dial it back by about 15% and increase the the quality of enemies. Toss elites(since they have given the AI director the ability to spawn new elites instead of just spawning patrols at the beginning of the match) basically make organic mixed-hordes instead of mixed hordes only happening due to pulling elites into hordes or hordes into elites.

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Yeah, their VT analog plague monks I thought were nicely balanced - almost stagger immune in their main attack chain and very high threat, but relatively flimsy, so it was either kill them at range or wait out/dodge their attack chain then put 'em down fast. Right now a pack of ragers is just a boatload of hp to work through, in contrast. IDK, I’m still getting my bearings after 2 weeks back, I’m still used to Ragers going down 2-3 hits faster than they do.

That being said, T5 feels way easier than ~6 months ago (Auric is new to me and MAD fun, reminds me of twitch VT2). Lots of new tools and buffed weapons. I love the new support builds on sharpshooter and zealot, both give me the ability to make a bad situation significantly less bad and let the team recover which didn’t exist before outside stun grenade.

I’ve been enjoying this too, but it would be nice if it was somewhat consistent. I’ve had some nights where regular hi-intensity has been absolutely BONKERS, while the shock troop gauntlet had been a snooze fest.