Hook instakill by dragging through Skittergate portal

Just before getting into the Raskitt + Deathrattler lorde fight, right after exiting the portal that leads to the arena, I got hooked and dragged through the portal, instantly killing me.

Edit: At least for me this link gets automatically blocked, so here like this
https: // clips . twitch . tv/CourageousIgnorantMilkPartyTime-CEGRnwz1Gy0SAG2r

once i walked through the portal and just disappeared.
no enemy that hit me no falling through the map no downed state i just went missing, guess i forgot to activate my gellar field generator.

I’ve had this happen wheen hooked going through the doorway into the courtyard on the Blood in the Darkness mission from The Curse of Drachenfels DLC.

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