Honestly. I don’t know why u guys have patched Huntsman in such way.

At the first time when I heard news that we have reworked Huntsman, I was 50% concern from how well FS can change and 50% welcome cuz also in South Korea VT2 community, Huntsman is a very undervalued Career everytime mentioned with individuals’ headshot - aiming.

But I’ve been trying to save my words, as this is just an early of BETA.
and finally FS announced that BETA is drawing close to end, so right now I write the words.

Honestly. I don’t know why u guys have patched Huntsman in such way.

Huntsman was the CORE career on HBFS + twitch (no boons) in cataclysm. (https://youtu.be/OP688pQek8w) and also in the TZEENTCHIAN TWINS + Cata FOW. (https://youtu.be/i9D1YKuRr8w0). Not only in such unusual cases but also in the normal cata. See how much can Huntsman overwhelm the whole Cata FOW (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/667111820)

He was a Boss and especially CW killer. and also in TWITCH mode by ‘Shot Crafter’ he was A best special killer over all of the ranged DPS.

What makes this possible was simple. Good head-shot aiming; with ‘Waste not. Want not’ and ‘Makin’ It Look Easy’, Huntsman can take high chance of critical by saving ammunition.

Which means, he was a perfect Career who can maximize ‘Hunter’ trait

But I know, that some people were having trouble with head shooting. From that point of view I understand the way u guys r trying to patch.

But have u guys ever think about some already - good headshot aiming users?

For now, Huntsman with such change, there would be no longer, even any kinds of consideration to use in such High Custom difficulty on Cataclysm.

He would no longer able to use Hunter trait, and to use ‘Makin’ It Look Easy’, he have to give up ‘Shot Crafter’.

Here’s my suggestion.

Power Headshot: I don’t know why Huntsman needs this kind of talent. with ‘One in the eye’, he already can kill cata CW(248.5) in one critical headshot with Longbow(Hunter + 40% crit power + 20% chaos), and just one simple headshot can kill HBFS cata SV(173). and also as u can see from my first linked video, he can delete even cata BOSSES with Hunter + Headshot.

Huntsman’s Head shot damage is high enough without such talent even in the HBFS cataclysm.

BACK of ‘Waste not. Want not’: Like what I said above, reason why Huntsman can be the CORE of High Custom difficulty in Cata, the reason why we appoint Huntsman to Main DPS of team between 4 common ranged DPS(waystalker, BH, BW, RV) derives from harmony of ‘Waste not. Want not’ + ‘Makin’ It Look Easy’ + ‘Hunter’ and some cases can be used with ‘Scrounger’

What we really have to consider is that there’s not only players who use Conservative Shooter. Of course there might be some concerns that with his Sure Shot, he can be able to shoot during entire game with literally infinite ammo. But what i’m trying to say through this whole long writing is “Are those already- good headshot aiming Huntsmans really having benefits from this patch?” can we really confirm to say that?

Lvl 25 talents: Actually, lvl 25 talents were like adscititious talent for gameplay through whole careers; restoring ammunition. damage reduction, movement speed etc.

“But does ‘Makin’ It Look Easy’ incidental?” I can clearly say, “No.” It’s a core of the core of Huntsman, even if it were a passive ability, it couldn’t be such OP as it also depends on individuals’ Head shot aiming skill.

Why have been Huntsman a very important career in head shot aiming during all time? There’s no doubt that it’s because of ‘Makin’ It Look Easy’

Head Down and Hidden: * for example: Prowl can be activated a second time within 8 seconds. each duration is reduced by 5s.

Even in the duration of 6s, just one shot will make enemies to look at u, which means we cannot properly use all 10s. that’s why Concealed Strikes was THE MOST popular talent as it’s literally 6s of free time to deal.

So I suggest to make him use ult one more time in short period, similar to BW’s ‘Burnout’. it’s basically same 10s for total. but i’m sure it would give some flexibility to him.

Lastly, Question about roll back of the mechanism of 2018 Empire Longbow; 1ST charge, 2nd charge.

In my memory, back in 2018, the problem of 1st charge was the low zoom magnification, which is good for short distance but not for far away special to shoot head. What about 2nd charge? well, it takes too long to zoom, how could we zoom for 2s in such busy situation?. so I wish to makes some improvement on Longbow. (it would be me and some of my friends personal opinion, but current 1st charge kill the true fun of shooting Empire Longbow, it’s slightly different from 2018, u know there’s some fun in pulling a string)

As Kruber is Human kind, so that he can’t use longbow as smooth or fast as Elves do, then what about adding talent like ‘Elven Taught’, U know, kruber has been working with elf since VT 1, I think it would be quite reasonable and can be a interesting talent.

I truly want u guys to recognize that this patch is not a buff. it’s just an aim cheat gimmick added and because of that, side effects are popping up. As we can see, by balancing aim cheat, true identity of Huntsman; harmony of headshot + critical + hunter has destroyed.

Thanks for reading.

I always support you FatShark. And always thanks for all the effort that u guys been doing.

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