Hitstun blinding the player

When you’re out of toughness and you start taking HP damage, getting hitstun repeatedly is incredibly disorienting and blinding. It’d be nice if we could still at least see what it happening when taking damage.

This screenshot should highlight the excessive blinding effect of the hitstun.


I didn’t like that either. The game gets so dark it makes you think your character just passed out lol

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i think its the supression mechanic from getting shot by high frequency weapons.


I will say that having ranged hits both slow/stun you AND blind you felt a bit much. The blind didn’t make much sense from a thematic standpoint either.

Could probably do away with this one, Fatshark.


I actually like the way it is. In many FPS games, feedback for getting hit is utterly underwhelming. Frankly, the only shooter I ever played with decent feedback on the receiving end is Hunt: Showdown. A bit of camera shake, half a second blink, and blood on your screen. I think that is a pretty tame representation of walking through bullets (or lasers for that matter) that pierce into your body. And that the game slows you briefly down when a lasgun almost rips off your leg is a minor inconvenience if you ask me.

Not many game utilize this concept because often it slows down the gameplay and punishes the player for fun risky plays (arma, squad, insurgency and so on)

Different strokes for different folks.

Personally i dislike anything that hurts visibility in any way except if its an utility use by the enemy (smoke grenades, flash grenades).

In a FPS, my enjoyment comes from shooting enemies. If my vision is severely impacted (but enemies can still shoot me) i no longer play FPS, i watch a cinematic movie sequence.

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Call me weird but in video games, I like to get punished for mistakes as much as I like getting rewarded for good performance. Otherwise, it feels trivial to me and I lose interest. Not to mention that those effects add a lot of immersion for me and support ludonarrative convergence.

But I agree with the slow part. It definitely slows the pace down. It’s just that I like it that way. Trying to clear room by room with a slow and methodical approach until **** hits the fan on difficulty 5 in the beta was the most fun I had in video games in a very long time.


You already lose health and the ability to counter attack or even move effectively. Making players blind to this extent on top of that feels bad/is annoying.

And just saying, enemies have no problems seeing, aiming and shooting at you when you’re shooting them using an automatic gun.


Seems like another way to force teamwork and combined arms. If you’re upfront and getting drilled by lasfire to the point you can’t see, an ally aware of your situation may be best suited to helping resolve the problem.

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Did this only happen while looking at the source of damage you are taking? I can see it being a problem for Sharpshooters but it should be.

As a zealot, I was usually sprinting cross-fire (which makes it miss as long as your stamina is up) trying to flank them and using cover as I went and I never had it this bad, so it makes me think it might have only been when looking straight at them.

The amount of intended and not intended features that require the presence of others is quickly changing the experience from a team focused co-op swarm shooter into a painful babysitting simulator.

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