High stage weave problems with Video To FatShark

Time line

02:00 : trash mobs spawned just in front of you. If you didn’t see it because of something, you will be downed.

02:55 : IB was targeted by 3 slave rat but 1 slave rat took 99% HP of IB. It is only 108th stage but 1 slave rat can down IB if he is targeted by only 1 slave

14:13 : No Backstab Sound

16:45 : Shade(me) was targeted by more than 8 mobs but 1 slave rat’s spear downed me without backstab sound + SV dealt 150 but Slave rat dealt more than 210 so i died instantly

I hope this video will change high level stage…

Remove enemy +30% damage scaling per stage… Make Same Diff Tier Same Dmg…

At least till STAGE 120


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