High GPU Hotspot Temperatures and Average Temperatures

I’m not exactly clear on what the root cause of this issue is, but the impacts of it are pretty clear.
Throughout even a relatively short gameplay session, GPU temperatures are noticeably higher than in any other workload.

This is not an exaggeration when I say ANY other workload. For reference, I’m running an RX 6800XT, specifically the Sapphire Nitro Plus SE variant. When testing with extremely intensive benchmarks, including 3DMark’s TimeSpy, Borderlands 3 Benchmark, or simultaneously running Cinebench R23 with Superposition 8K, the maximum GPU temperature hovers around 72C with a hotspot of around 98C. With a prolonged benchmarking session of AIDA64 for 2 hours, the maximum reaches around 74C with a hotspot of 102C.

One would expect that these would be the absolute worst case conditions for temperatures of a graphics card, but somehow Vermintide 2 manages to spike temperatures to 75C and 105C for GPU and hotspot respectively. These temps can be consistently achieved through restarts, different game sessions, and varying playtime duration. I would assume that this is not intended behaviour, but would like to see if other players have this issue, and if there are, perhaps some sort of look into the cause of this abnormality.

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